TUESDAY 14 MARCH 2006 - 2:30pm–4:30pm -- LIVING ARTS LOUNGE





1.  Approve minutes of Tuesday 14 February 2006 Senate meeting                                                  (5mins.)



2.  Chair’s Report                                                                                                                              (10mins.)     



3.   Standing Committee Reports                                                                                                        (90mins.)


       Senate Nominations Committee, Freddie Reisman (Chair) – Report attached


      Senate Committee on Academic Affairs, Joseph Martin (Chair) – Report attached


      Senate Committee on Faculty Affairs, Shawkat Hammoudeh (Chair)       

       Senate Committee on Academic Support, Raymond Lum (Chair)   

       Senate Committee on Student Life, Jonathan Cheng (Chair)  

       Senate Budget Planning and Development Committee, Kevin Owens (Chair) 



4.  Unfinished Business                                                                                                                       (5mins.)



5.  New Business                                                                                                                                  (5mins.)


               Faculty Senate Thursday 20 April 2006 - 2:30pm Living Arts Lounge


               University Assembly Friday 12 May 2006 - 3:30pm - Geary Auditorium

                      New College Building – 245 N. 15th Street

                        President & Provost Faculty Reception -- Geary Lobby 










Fredricka Reisman, Chair


Submit Nominees for At Large members to SCAA to freddie@drexel.edu copy senate@drexel.edu

                       (2 representatives needed)


Submit Nominees for UAC on Appeals to freddie@drexel.edu – copy senate@drexel.edu

Eligible nominees (1) must be tenured faculty of Drexel University, and (2) should be willing to serve if elected. You may nominate more than one candidate; you may also nominate yourself if you meet the eligibility requirements.

The UAC on Appeals will consist to nine tenured members of the faculty.  Three faculty members will be appointed by the University President, three by the Faculty Senate, and three elected at large by the faculty.  In the case of the elected faculty members, three additional faculty will be elected each year to serve as a pool of alternates for that year to provide for possible replacement.  In the first year, six faculty members at large will be elected.  The one the largest number of votes will serve on the committee for a three year term, the second largest for two years, and the third for one year.  The next three will serve as alternates.  After the first year, the faculty member with the largest number of votes will be the regular committee member, and the next three will be the alternates.  These nine faculty members will elect a voting chairman among their number, who shall be called the Appeals Counselor.

(replacing Jonathan Awerbuch)

Submit Nominees for Sabbatical Leave Subcommittee


    Replacing:  Michel Barsoum, CoE ;  Sandra Levison DUCOM ;  David Flood, CNHP



Minutes of Faculty Senate Meeting

14 February 2006


Present: CoAS: L. Finegold, P. Handel, B. Hornum, R. Reynolds

DUCOM: V. Zarro

CoNHP: M. Dreher, M. Kennedy, T. Suplee

CoMAD: T. Artz, K. Martin, W. Pollock

RCGCoPS: V. Genis, J. Reilly

CoE: J. Martin, W. Regli

CoIST: S. Gasson (for S. Hughes-Hassell), G. Hislop (for J. Mancall)

LCoB: S. Hammoudeh, S. Kim, E. Nelling, R. McCain

SoPH: R. Lum, A. Villanueva

SoBME: none

SoEd: F. Harvey

Athletics: L. White

Ex-Off.-Fac.: K. Owens

Ex-Off.-Adm.: J. DiNardo

Students: none


1.  Call to order 2:30 pm.


2.  Approval of minutes of January 19, 2006 Faculty Senate meeting, with one correction:

-         Chair of the Faculty Senate was in attendance.


3.  Chair’s Report

-         Chair wished the Senators Happy Valentine’s Day!

-         Senate Officers met recently with Provost Director

o       Provost affirmed that faculty would participate fully in any major revision of the tDEC curriculum.

o       Suggested changes in Emeritus Policy were discussed briefly.

o       University Assemblies for this spring:

§         One University Assembly on May 11, 2006 in Geary Auditorium A on center city campus

·        To approve of list of May graduates

§         One University Assembly on June 15, 2006 in Mandel Auditorium on main campus

·        To approve list of June graduates

·        To elect members of Tenure Appeals Committee

-         Senate Chair described the new standing subcommittees that were formed to interact with administration

o       Research Subcommittee (of SCAA)

§         Members still needed for DUCoM and CoAS (two needed)

o       Emeritus Subcommittee (of SCFA)

§         Currently working with Vice Provost on revision of policy

o       Benefits Subcommittee (of SCFA)

-         Board meets next Wednesday – Officers will attend

-         Board Committees meet on Tuesday – Representatives should attend


4.  Law School Update (Toby Oxholm, Esq.)

-         By most measures, CoL project is progressing beyond expectations

o       Number of applicants is far greater than projections

o       Quality of accepted students for first law class exceeds our criteria

o       New CoL faculty are first-rate as well

o       One exception is the construction of the CoL Building, which is behind schedule.  Temporary alternative space is being sought.

-         The best among the accepted students are being offered generous scholarships as inducements to come to Drexel.  Top two quintiles are being offered full (100%) and 75% scholarships, respectively

-         A question was posed about the status of the CoL Dean Search.  Mr. Oxholm referred the questioner to the Provost for information.


5.  Standing Committee Reports

-         SNC (F. Reisman) – no report

-         SCAA (J. Martin)

o       SCAA has been inviting guest to meetings to begin discussions of the revisions to the tDEC curriculum.

o       Approved with a single vote (24-0-1)

§          New courses:

·        IAS 390, UNIV 320, FIN 602, INFO 654, EDUC 321, CS 998

·        INFO 151, 152, 153, 154, 424

§         Course Deletion: FIN 620

§         Prerequisite Changes

·        EDUC 661, 662, 708, 710, 712, 714, 715, 716, 717, 718

·        FIN 622, 626, 640, 642, 648, 790, 794

·        ECON 661, 662

·        Minor in Education

§         Requirements change for Screenwriting & Playwriting Major.  Major needs a free elective instead of VSST 102.

§         Digital Media Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Program (CoMAD)

§         LCoB – Undergraduate curriculum revisions and MS Finance program revisions

§         From Rehabilitation Sciences Program of CNHP – conversions of existing programs from semester calendar to quarter calendar

·        Master of Health Sciences in Rehabilitation Sciences

·        PhD Program in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Sciences

·        Post-Professional Doctor of Physical Therapy Program

·        Certificate in Advanced Practice in Hand and Upper Quadrant Rehabilitation

·        Certificate in Advanced Practice in Physical Therapy

o       First Reading for three new MS Programs from the SoEd.  Senators posed a number of questions to SoEd representatives about size of tenured and tenure-track faculty in SoEd and about hiring plans for future faculty.  SoEd representatives will provide additional information for March Senate meeting and the second Reading of their proposal.

§         MS in Teaching, Learning and Curriculum

§         MS in Educational Administration

§         MS in Global and International Education

-         SCFA (S. Hammoudeh)

o       SCFA met with Vice Provost DiNardo to discuss changes to Emeritus Policy.  Discussions are still underway.  Two key issues are inclusion of Associate Professors in policy and inclusion of an appeals mechanism in policy for faculty whose Chairs are opposed to granting emeritus status.

o       All 23 applications for Sabbatical Leave that were approved by Sabbatical Subcommittee of SCFA were subsequently approved by Provost.

o       SCFA is still discussing the issue of academic privileges (access to library, access to WebCT, etc.) for part-time faculty

§         B. Hornum stated that this issue is a StudentsFirst issue because it impacts the ability of part-time faculty to provide effective teaching to our students

§         J. DiNardo opined that the issue seems to be more one of the timing of initiating academic privileges (when course begins) and the timing of termination of those privileges (after course ends).  He agrees that faculty need time before course begins to prepare educational materials (including WebCT components) and time after course ends to review results.

§         More discussion will ensue.

o       SCFA is collecting data on faculty salary from perspectives of gender equity and equity between colleges

-         SCAS (R. Lum)  - no report

-         SCSL (J. Cheng) – no report

-         SCBP&D (K. Owens)  - no report


5.  Unfinished Business - None


6.  New Business - None


7.  Next Faculty Senate Meeting – Tuesday, March 14, 2006, 2:30 pm, Living Arts Lounge


8.  Adjournment at 3:50 pm


Respectfully submitted,



Michael C. Kennedy, Ph.D.

Recording Secretary








Joseph Martin, Chair


      SCAA approved the following and request consent approval by the Senate with just

              one reading


         New Courses

         PHEV 145 – Weather I Climate and Global Change

           PHEV 146 Weather II Analysis & Forecasting

           WRIT 302, WRIT 303, WRIT 405

           WMST 250 & AFAS 250

           CAEE 201, CAEE 210, CAEE 211

           CHE 360, CHE 460, CS 203, ECE 203, ECEP 421, ECEP 411, ECEP 423, ECEP 452, ECEP 453, MEM 417,

                 MEM 419, CS 430

         AET Course Change, Prerequisite Change:

            New Courses:

              EET 101 – Intro. to EET   

            EET 203-Non-destructive Evaluation

              EET 204-Intro to Nanotechnology

            MHT 295-Environ. Control Plasma Lab        

              CS 131, 132, 133, 172, 250, 265, 270, 300, 338, 345, 441, 451, 481


        Minor in Arabic along with new courses ARBC 411, ARBC 471, ARBC 480 

        New Minor Theses courses: FREN 480, SPAN 480 GERM 480, ITAL 480, JAPN 480, RUSS 480  


      Fine Art Minor – approved existing courses (no new courses)


      BMES 501; BMES 502; BMES 503: Course description change and reduction in credits from 4 to 3.

       BMES 672 & BMES 673: Course description change; credit change from 2 to 3.


        Doctor of Physical Therapy Program – semesters to quarters






SUMMARY ATTACHED:  Proposals for a BA & BS in History and a BS in Political Science

The college is requesting that the new majors be approved and the BA & BS in History/Politics be eliminated. 

No other colleges offer a combined major.  Current students will be given the opportunity of deciding whether

or not to stay in the current major of select one of the new majors.  Along with SCAA approving the proposal,

all new course proposals, course change proposals and course delete proposals were approved.



Proposed Math Curriculum Update—

Two new courses: Cryptography and Mathematics of Finance.  Both have been taught previously as special topic courses.  Minor revisions to 13 existing courses—main goal is to have course descriptions that more accurately

represent the content that is actually being covered by current instructors. Course Deletions: Catalog contains a large number vestigial courses that are never offered.  This is confusing and misleading. There has been a consolidation of evening college and daytime courses that is not reflected in the catalog.  Evening College has been contacted to make sure the deletions will not negatively affect their programs.


MS Sport Management       

The proposed MS degree in Sport Management has been created following the guidelines of the National       Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) and the North American Society for Sport Management (NASSM). For all practical purposes, NASPE/NASSM is the accrediting agency of sport management related degrees. For your information, Dr. Lisa O’Keeffe is a member of the reviewing council of this accrediting body.  In its standards for Master’s degree programs in Sport Management, the NASPE/NASSM Sport Management Review Council endorses the concept that graduate education in sport management should build upon the content and experiences of the undergraduate sport management content areas (Sport Management Program Standards and Review Protocol, 2000). In order to comply with required standards, the eight (8) selected Content Areas, of which Ethics is one of them, must be addressed somewhere in the curriculum. None of these content areas, however, need to be addressed independently as a course in the curriculum. For the content area “Ethics”, the following topics need to be addressed:

§         Moral and ethical development theories

§         Teleological and deontological theories of ethics

§         Models of ethical analysis

§         Code of professional ethics

§         Personal and management values (recommended)

§         Situational analysis (recommended)

The aforementioned topics are covered in the proposed curriculum through several courses as indicated below:

SMT 601 – Sports Industry Management --Includes: Situational analysis and code of professional ethics.

SMT 602 – Sport Law --Includes: Situational analysis and code of professional ethics

SMT 628 – Coaching and Managing--Includes: Code of Professional Ethics. Personal and management values


SMT 606 – Contemporary Issues in Sport --Includes: Theories of Ethics, Models of Ethical analysis and Code of Professional Ethics.

SMT 622 – Sports Agents and Labor Relations--Includes: Moral and ethical development theories, Teleological and deontological theories of ethics, Models of ethical analysis and personal and management values.

SMT 620 – Technology and the Sports Product--Includes: Moral and ethical development theories, Teleological and deontological theories of ethics, Models of ethical analysis and situational analysis

SMT 621 – Leadership in Sport Management--- Leadership ethics – defined, theories and perspectives on ethical leadership

Includes: Moral and ethical development theories, Teleological and deontological theories of ethics, Models of ethical analysis, Code of professional ethics, Personal and management values, Situational analysis.

Finally, we would like to bring to SCAA’s attention that none of the institutions we regard as models for benchmark purposes, including the best program in the country, include a stand alone course in Ethics. These institutions are:


§         University of Massachusetts (M.S. and PhD)

§         Florida State (M.S. and PhD)

§         Western Illinois University   (M.S.)

§         University of Louisville (M.S.)


Minor Revision to the IST Track of the MS in Software Engineering.  This revision has been approved by the MSSE coordinators and reviewed by the IST Curriculum Committee and full IST Faculty.  Approval for a revision to the IST track of the MSSE.  This revision updates the set of courses used for Distribution and Elective Courses.  The structure of the degree does not change.  These changes are in response to the development of new courses, and a decision to position the degree at a more advanced level.  Students are expected to have more knowledge at entry and required to take more advanced course material as part of the degree.


School of Education

First Reading at the February 14th Senate meeting for three new MS Programs from the SoEd-- Senators posed a number of questions to SoEd representatives about size of tenured and tenure-track faculty and about hiring plans for future faculty.  SoEd representatives will provide additional information for March 14th Senate meeting and the second Reading of their proposal.

            MS Teaching and Learning

            MS in Educational Administration

            MS Global and International Educations