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Undergraduate Research & Creative Opportunities

Discover is the gateway for undergraduate students to engage in incredible opportunities in creative research projects across the disciplines of science, humanities, and the arts.

University Research Day

Annual Campus-Wide Celebration of Research, Innovation, Scholarship and Creativity
Research Day

With more than 400 posters, exhibitions, and performances, Research Day offers students (both undergraduate and graduate), faculty, and staff the opportunity to present their research and creative works to the University community. The presentations are judged by almost 200 faculty, resulting in the awarding of approximately two dozen cash prizes, providing a sense of the magnitude of the research enterprise at Drexel. Even more helpful are the moments of insight enabled when students and faculty from a diverse set of disciplines discover that they share a common passion, a common language, and even a common domain of investigation.

Undergraduate Research

Drexel University researchers and faculty are leaders in a variety of fields - from nanotechnology to digital media - that touch our daily lives and shape our future. As an undergraduate, you can become a part of this exciting community of discovery, creativity, and innovation.

At Drexel, we're committed to providing truly unique and exciting research opportunities for undergraduate students. The research may involve a single student and mentor or a student and a team that includes other undergraduates as well as graduate students and faculty. Research projects are available across almost all disciplines of science, humanities, and the arts. Additionally, the STAR (Students Tackling Advanced Research) Scholars Program matches first-year students with faculty-mentored research or creative projects reinforcing Drexel’s philosophy of learning by doing.

Graduate Research

Graduate students are leading the way with research projects that serve as clear examples of the University's interdisciplinary approach in our efforts to meet emerging national imperatives to upgrade the transportation infrastructure, move alternative energy sources into the mainstream, and invent the means to improve medical care while reducing its costs. Their work focuses on a wide-variety of issues from medical and health sciences research which complements our traditional strengths in engineering, biotechnology, basic science, information science, and business, to innovative scholarship in media arts and design, the social sciences, education, and law.

Students are spearheading the creation of a living learning laboratory for multidisciplinary research projects in sustainability...


Drs. Nwankpa and Miu are using lessons learned from the blackout of 2003 to create smarter energy systems...


Dr. McGrath's team works with researchers on evaluating the commercial potential of a discovery and its protectability...