February 2012

Urban Sustainability Planning Initiative

A group of faculty, professional staff and students from both Drexel and the Academy of Natural Sciences is building an ambitious framework for sustainability research, education and community engagement: the Urban Sustainability Planning Initiative. Organized around the themes of food, water and energy in an urban context, this framework will guide transdisciplinary, collaborative projects that include the public and other stakeholders at each stage.

Launched last November, the Initiative is developing a vision for programming that approaches challenges in the food, water and energy realms and creates solutions prioritizing responsible urban development, environmental justice and biodiversity. The knowledge repository and needs assessment methods created by the effort will form a signature Drexel-flavored "toolkit" for urban infrastructure problem solving that can be applied in any city.

For more information or to get involved in the planning process for this initiative, please contact either Patricia Gallagher at pmg24@drexel.edu or Jennifer Britton at jenbritton@drexel.edu.

- Jennifer Britton, Research Coordinator, Drexel Engineering Cities Initiative