March 2012

The LeBow College of Business


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Awards, Appointments, Activities

Shawkat Hammoudeh has been invited to serve as an associate editor of the journal: Brazilian Journal of Business Economics, published by the Catholic University of Brasilia, Brazil.

Ed Arnheiter is working with PRIDE Industries to write a field-based case study highlighting the company’s social mission and chronicling its decision to invest in new surface mount technology for circuit board production. PRIDE Industries is one of the nation's largest nonprofit employers of people with disabilities, providing solutions to meet the manufacturing and service needs of Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. The research for the case study will take place at the company’s corporate headquarters in Roseville, Calif.

Best Paper Award, Digital and Social Media Marketing Track “The Impact of Social Loyalty and Social Word-of-Mouth on Sales ” Authors: Girish Ramani, Drexel University and V. Kumar, Georgia State University

Best Paper Award, Marketing Analytics and Research Track “The Dynamic Impact of Fan Sign-Ups and Word-of-Mouth on Sales: Evidence from a Social Networking Website” Authors: Girish Ramani, Drexel University, V. Kumar, Georgia State University, and Hua Chang, Drexel University

Ben Lev served on the following conference committees:

Ben Lev was a guest speaker at the following universities:

Kostas Serfes visited the University of Exeter (Department of Economics), UK, between December 4-December 17, 2011, as a visiting scholar.