Prospective Students

Graduate education and training is central to the mission of the Neuroengineering Initiative at Drexel University. The success of this education program consists of four main components. The first component is courses to prepare students for the emerging field of neuroengineering. The second focuses on the development of a research rotation system that includes opportunities for laboratory experiences in clinical and industrial settings. The third component consists of a Journal Club and Seminar Series that reinforces what students are learning in their courses and rotations and emphasizes critical thinking within the arenas of neuroscience and engineering. The fourth element is thesis research under the supervision of an advisor and a hybrid dissertation committee for completion of Ph.D. requirements.

Students who are interested in pursuing a PhD at Drexel University or the Drexel University College of Medicine (DUCOM) are invited to apply to the Neuroengineering Initiative and can come from nearly any department within the University. Typically, students will complete several courses in addition to the regular course requirements in their department:

  • Neuroscience: Principles and Techniques (DUCOM)
  • Neural Signals (School of Biomedical Engineering)
  • Principles of Neuroengineering (School of Biomedical Engineering)
  • Mathematical Neuroscience (Department of Mathematics)
  • Medical Neuroscience (DUCOM)

The full course schedule will be decided by the student and his or her advisor and thesis committee. The students will be encouraged to take other classes outside of their department that are relevant to their research topics.

Students in the Neuroengineeing initiative are also eligible for a fellowship which will cover the first two years of their education and includes a stipend. During this time they will complete rotations in two to three laboratories, choosing where to complete their PhD thesis research.; This laboratory will then provide funding for the remainder of the student's education.

To Apply

Prospective students should apply to a department within Drexel University or DUCOM and check the box for the Neuroengineering Group on the application to have their materials forwarded to the selection committee (click here to open the Apply to Drexel page in a new window). Prospective graduate students should also contact Natalia Broz for more information and to confirm their application. Prospective students may also want to contact their intended advisor (see the Faculty page).