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Suggested Curriculum

Biomedical Engineering
Biomedical Sciences

For students entering through a specific department/program, since different departments/programs have their own requirements, you will be responsible for:

  1. meeting the requirements of your department/program and
  2. fitting in the curriculum listed with the help of your advisor.


  1. MATH 723 Mathematical Neuroscience will not be available Spring 2009 term, as Dr. Georgi Medvedev will be on sabbatical. Please plan to take it Spring 2010 term instead.
  2. To switch from MS to PhD, please note the following requirements:
    • GPA has to be at least 3.2 or higher.
    • Student must get a letter of recommendation from a Biomed core faculty member who supports their continuation into the PhD program.
    • Student must find a thesis advisor (email confirming, that needs to be sent or printed out and given to Dr. Lewin).
    • Once the student has all the necessary materials, he/she should set up an appointment with Dr. Lewin, the final decision is his.
    • If all goes well, Natalia Broz will fill out a form for the student and he/she will be switched to the PhD program.