A.J. Drexel Institutes

Applied Communications and Information Networking

The projects and programs in ACIN focus on the needs of the nation in the areas of defense, homeland security and public protection. The key goal of the Institute is to enable rapid transition of basic research into practical technology and its deployment and commercialization.


The Drexel Plasma Institute was formed in 2002 to stimulate and coordinate research projects related to plasma and other modern high energy engineering techniques. Today the DPI already became an active multidisciplinary organization involving 23 faculty members from 6 Engineering Departments working in close collaboration with School of Biomedical Engineering, College of Arts and Sciences and College of Nursing and Health Professions.


The A.J. Drexel Nanotechnology Institute (DNI) was established in January 2003 to coordinate interdisciplinary research, education and outreach, and strategic partnerships in nanotechnology for all of Drexel University.

Research Initiatives

Major Research Initiatives

Engineering Cities

Drexel Engineering Cities Initiative (DECI) is the foundation of a new approach to studying urban systems. DECI focuses on the engineering of cities, policy development, and the creation of environmentally sustainable urban habitats that function for people and society.


There are diverse ongoing neuroengineering research activities at Drexel University and at partnering institutions including functional optical brain imaging, neurorobotics, computational neuroscience, neuroinformatics, brain-computer interface, tissue engineering, neuropharmaceutical engineering, and neuroimaging.

Plasma Medicine and Biology

The goal of this Major Research Initiative is to build on our recent achievements in the application of plasma science to biology and medicine. These breakthrough developments grew out of productive collaborations between engineers, biological scientists and physicians.

New Initiatives

Human Cognition Enhancement Program

The goal of the Human Cognition Enhancement Program (HCEP) is to focus on research into brain and behavior relationships, brain dysfunction and impaired cognition, and the development of methodologies to enhance cognition and skilled motor performance in both normal and disabled individuals.

Students are spearheading the creation of a living learning laboratory for multidisciplinary research projects in sustainability...


Drs. Nwankpa and Miu are using lessons learned from the blackout of 2003 to create smarter energy systems...


Dr. McGrath's team works with researchers on evaluating the commercial potential of a discovery and its protectability...