Office of the Provost

Academic Policies

Undergraduate Classes during Co-op Policy

Effective Fall 2007

In an effort to better couple academics with a student’s cooperative education experience, undergraduate students enrolled in a co-op education program may register for one course (up to four (4) credits) during each term for which they are on a co-op assignment without additional charge.

This policy is subject to the following guidelines:

*  A maximum of one (1) undergraduate course (up to four (4) credits) may be taken without additional charge; if this course carries more than (4) credits, the additional credits are billed on a per-credit basis.
*  If a student registers for a second course, the second course is billed on a per-credit basis.
*  According to existing policy, students on co-op are permitted to register for a maximum of six (6) credits per co-op term.
*  Students are not eligible to register for online courses without charge. A student who registers for an online course will be charged at a per credit rate.
*  Registration is subject to the approval of both the student's Academic Advisor and Co-op Advisor. The Co-op Advisor will ensure that the requested course does not interfere with the student's co-op assignment.  In some cases, the co-op employer may be contacted.
*  Registration is subject to course availability within established enrollment limits.  No new course sections will be added.
*  Registration for these courses opens one week prior to the beginning of the respective term.
*  The Enrichment Course Policy remains in place.  Credits earned in an Enrichment Course count towards the six (6) credit per co-op term maximum.