Superior Student Program (SSP)

Policy Statement

Drexel University’s Superior Student Program (SSP) makes it possible for undergraduate students with a grade point average of 3.0 or higher to apply for a special examination to gain course credit toward graduation through unsupervised independent study. However, SSP examinations may only be taken in a term in which the student is not normally scheduled for college (namely, on a Cooperative Placement or a vacation term).

The application, available in the Student Administrative Services (SRC) Center, must be initiated in the student’s academic department in advance of the independent study. Approval must be gained from the following administrators: 1) the student’s Department or Program Head; 2) the student’s Academic Dean; 3) the Head of the department offering the course; and 4) the Instructor grading the exam. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain all necessary signatures, and to arrange for an examination date with the department offering the course. Once all signatures have been obtained, the Office of the Comptroller shall affix its stamp upon payment of the current year’s Special Examination fee. The Special Examination fee is non-refundable. The completed form is then submitted to the SRC for processing.

Once the exam has been graded, the instructor reporting the grade uses the “Request for Change of Grade/Submission of Grade Not Previously Reported” form.

The grade earned in the examination is included in calculating the cumulative Grade Point Average, and will be included on the student’s academic record with a special notation indicating it was earned by special examination. Course credit hours earned by this examination count toward graduation requirement.