Office of the Provost

Academic Policies

Personal Enrichment Program

Scheduling Policy:

Enrichment courses may be taken during a term in which an undergraduate student is not normally scheduled to be in college. Cooperative education students may enroll in courses for enrichment purposes during terms in which they are placed in a co-op experience. Non-co-operative education students may enroll in courses for enrichment during summer terms. This program does not provide for taking courses regularly required for graduation.

Enrichment courses elected by the student are made available either during normal class hours or by individual instruction. Course availability is at the descretion of the academic dean, department head, or adviser, or the department head or dean of the academic unit offering the course.

Students may take up to nine credit hours of coursework at the rate of no more than one enrichment course per non-college term with the understanding that no additional charges or graduation credit will result. This program does not permit acceleration of course requirements toward graduation.

Students requesting this option must have a grade point average of at least 2.0. This requirement may be waived by the student's academic dean. Since this program is intended for enrichment purposes only courses listed as required for graduation for the student's major are prohibited from being scheduled. It should be noted that failures in existing coursework may not be made up under this program.

How Do Enrichment Courses Affect a Student's Record?

Grades earned under the enrichment program are counted in the student's grade point average; however, the credit/no credit option may be used for these courses.

A student will not receive earned credit for an enrichment course. The credits taken will not be included in either the student's term or overal earned hours. The credits will be part of the attempted credits for the scheduled term.

Coursework will be entered on the student's academic record by the Office of the Registrar.

How Do Students Apply to Enrichment Courses?

The Application to Schedule Enrichment Courses' is available in the SRC Center and must be submitted to the student's academic department after the specified signatures have been obtained.

*Please note that a student will be billed for courses he or she scheduled during the pre-enrollment and course change periods of a term unless they submit the enrichment application.