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Academic Policies

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Some of the policies listed on this page govern the usage of certain transactional forms for students. To access the forms, click here.

A   Absence from Class
    Absence due to Military Service
    Academic Dishonesty
    Academic Evaluation
    Academic Freedom
    Academic Standing (Probation)
    Academic Year
    Accelerated Programs
    Advanced Placement
    Annual Report Forms
    Annual Review
    Audit Option
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C   Calculation of Honors (Undergraduates Only)
    Cancellation of Courses
    Changing Your Program of Study - Undergraduate Students
    Changing Your Program of Study - Graduate Students
    Changing or Correcting Your Social Security Number
    Changing Your Visa Status
    Class Attendance
    Class Cancellation Due to Unexpected Instructor Lateness or Absence
    Classes During Co-op (pdf)
    Closed Section Overrides (Procedure for Granting)
    Code of Conduct
    Conduct of Research Policy
    Conflict of Interest and Commitment Policy
    Contract Policy, Full-Time Faculty
    Copyright Policy
    Cost Transfer Policy (Research)
    Course Add Policy
    Course Drop Policy
    Course Meeting Time Blocks
    Course Offering Distribution Policy
    Course Repeat Policy
    Course Withdrawal Policy
    Courses Delivered on the Internet
    Credit by Examination, See also: Examinations and Grading Options (PDF)
    Credit/No Credit Option - Undergraduate Only
    Criteria for Appointment and Promotion
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    Dean's List
    Dean/Director, Selection of, Duration of Term and Review
    Department Head's Selection, Duration of Term, and Review
    Doctoral Candidacy and Dissertation Committees
    Doctoral Degree Clearance
    Dual Degree Program
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E   Earned Course Credit, Statute of Limitations
    Emeritus Faculty Policy
    Examinations and Grading Options (PDF)
  Exceptions to Academic Policies
F   Faculty, Teaching
    Faculty Mediation and Grievance Policy
    Faculty Workload
    Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
    Final Examinations for Seniors in the Spring Quarter, See also: Examinations and Grading Options (PDF)
    Forms of Identification
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G   Grades
    Grade Changes
    Grade Reporting Policy
    Graduate Courses
    Graduation Requirements
    Granting of Degrees
    Grievance Policy, Faculty
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H   Higher Education Opportunity Act
    Hiring Foreign Faculty and Staff
Human Resources Policies
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I   Incomplete Grades
    Institutes and Centers- Initiation, Operation, Review and Closure
    Intellectual Property (Patent Policy)
    International Baccalaureate (PDF)
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L   Legal Defense and Indemnification of University Employees (General Counsel)
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M   Monitoring of Course Offerings
    Military Service, Absence due to
    Military Installations, Visiting
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N   Non-reappointment Policy
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P   Patent Policy

Permanent Residency Application: Guidelines

    Personal Identification Number (PIN)
    Procedures for Appointment of New Full Time Faculty
    Probation (Academic Standing)
    Principal Investigator Status (Research)
    Professor Emeritus Rank Policy
    Program Review
    Public Safety - No Smoking & Tobacco Use
    Public Safety - Workplace Anti-Violence
    Public Safety - Workplace Safety
    Pursuing Two Degrees Concurrently
    Pursuing Two Degrees of the Same Kind Sequentially
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R   Readmission after Military Service
    Records Retention Policy
    Registration Procedure
    Religious Observances
    Religious Observances Calendar
    Repeating Courses
    Research Proposal and Award Policy
    Research Staff Appointment
    Research Staff Benefits
    Research Staff Promotion
    Research Staff Termination
    Research Staff University Voting Rights
    Residency Application: Guidelines
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S   Sabbatical Leave Policy
  Salary Policy
    Senior Privilege, See also: Examinations and Grading Options (PDF)
    Sexual Harassment Policy
    Special Topics/Independant Studies Course
    Spring Term Terminations
    Statute of Limitations on Earned Course Credit
    Students Without Co-op Assignments
    Superior Student Program
    Supervising Professor Appointments for Graduate Students
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    Teaching Faculty Policy (PDF)
    Tenure Appeals Process
  Tenure and Promotion Policy
    Textbook Ordering
    Transfer Credits
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U   Under-Enrolled Courses - Class Size Policy
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W   Withdrawal from the University
    Withdrawal of a Degree
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