Guidelines for the External Review


External reviewers will be involved for each program/department evaluation. They will be distinguished educators in their fields with knowledge and expertise regarding the work of their departments and the practical academic requirements of their discipline. The External Review Team for each program/department evaluation will be comprised of 1-3 distinguished educators of exceptional scholarship and reputation selected for both for their areas of expertise as well as their institutional affiliations, typically coming from schools we admire In addition to their scholarship, they will understand the mission of the department to be reviewed. External reviewers will receive copies of the self-study prior to their 1-3 day campus visit. External reviewers will be identified by the Self-Study Committee and will be approved by the dean and the PAR Steering Committee.

External Review Consultants Report

External Review Report Guidelines

The questions provided here for the external review team report are meant to be guiding questions that can be used to frame the team’s report. There is no expectation that each question will be addressed by each external review team. Teams will address those questions that are both relevant and meaningful for the particular program under review. The questions approximate the basic format of the Self Study Report Guidelines.