Workshop on Ethics and Responsible Conduct of Research

Once or twice a year, the Office of Graduate Studies offers a workshop on ethics and the responsible conduct of research. Topics include:


I. Ethical Issues in Research: A Framework

  1. A. Compliance and Ethics
  2. B. Compliance Concepts
  3. C. Ethics Concepts

II. Interpersonal Responsibility

  1. A. Mentor/Trainee Responsibilities
  2. B. Determining Publication Practices and Responsible Authorship
  3. C. Collaborative Science/Competitive Science

III. Institutional Responsibility

  1. A. The Institutional Process Regarding Allegations
  2. B. Conflicts of Interest and Conflicts of Commitment

IV. Professional Responsibility

  1. A. Research Misconduct
  2. B. Dissemination of Findings
  3. C. Peer Review

V. Animals in Research

VI. Human Participation in Research

Special modules

A set of four modules available at the University of Montana website are used to conduct this workshop: ( These modules define relevant terms, and present case studies and appropriate "tests" of understanding of the issues.

Special surveys

A set of surveys ( of your attitude towards various options available to you in ethical "situations".

Faculty Panel

There will be a panel of faculty facilitators for the 3-hour session on the second day in which case studies will be discussed.

Certificate and Letter of Attendance

For those who attend both sessions, successfully complete the University of Montana modules and hand in satisfactory final reports, the Office of Graduate Studies will present certificates and letters of attendance.

The Workshop, open to all PhD students, will cover the topics listed above over two sessions. The first is scheduled for 1 hr and participants will be introduced to the specifics of the workshop and to the details on how the University of Montana modules and the Scientific Integrity surveys are to be completed. Case studies will also be handed out in preparation for the second session, a 3-hr panel with audience participation. Luncheon coupons are given to all who attend the second session.