Academic Support

Writing Assistance

Writing assistance is available at all times at the University's Writing Center to graduate students wishing to improve their writing skills or to write a paper or proposal or their dissertation. Trained coaches and consultants are on call. The writing center also provides writing workshops free and open to all graduate students. Students can register at

Statistics Assistance

Graduate students seeking help with the statistical analyses of their data can consult with a team of statisticians who have offered their services to students. Arrangements can be made through the Office of Graduate Studies to use the Biostatistics Service Center in the School of Public Health on an as-needed basis. We also have an on-call faculty member (Neil Desnoyers, LeBow College of Business,, 215-571-4672) who is willing to be a resource for students in need of assistance with statistics issues.

Other Academic Support

The Office of Graduate Studies will pay for a tutor for any first-year graduate student who is encountering difficulties in coursework. Once ascertained that a need exists, arrangements will be made to secure the services of a tutor.

Requesting Support

Please contact the Office of Graduate Studies in order to request academic support.