Travel Subsidy

The Office of Graduate Studies offers a limited number of travel subsidies annually to encourage student participation in academic meetings and conferences within the United States and territories (includes Puerto Rico). Subsidies are awarded to master’s or doctoral students presenting at a gathering of a professional society where they have the opportunity not only to discuss their research with colleagues from around the nation (or world), but also to hone their presentation skills for a wide (maybe international) audience. The award will have a maximum value of $400, and can only be used to cover meeting-related expenses including registration, transportation, lodging, and food. Students can only receive one grant per fiscal year (July to June). There is a cap of five awards to any one meeting.

To be eligible, students must be enrolled in a doctoral or master's program at Drexel and must be presenting an invited talk or a paper or a poster at the meeting or conference. To apply, students should complete the Travel Subsidy Request form and submit the application to the Graduate Studies Office along with all supporting materials: detailed budget, statement of support from their research advisor, personal statement on the value of attending, proof of their presentation's acceptance (if available), information about the conference such as given by a website or brochure, and details about any other potential sources of funding and previous funding, if any. The student should also submit their transcripts (unofficial from DrexelOne) and CV. The dossier should be handed in at least a full month before the date of the meeting.

The amount of support awarded will be based, among other factors, on the type of participation and anticipated visibility of the student in the conference, the subsidy funds available and any other funding the student is receiving to help cover expenses; students intending to attend international meetings are not eligible for this program (but please see below). All award determinations will be at the discretion of the Associate Vice Provost for Graduate Studies. The student will be reimbursed only upon submission of appropriate receipts, which must conform to University policy on allowable travel reimbursements.

The International Programs Office also offers travel awards to graduate students who wish to attend meetings outside the United States.