Domestic Travel Subsidy

The Application for Domestic Travel Subsidy is now online!

Please read all of the following instructions and conditions before applying.

Important Notice: With effect from January 1, 2015, only applications from students making presentations in oral form (i.e. in the form of a paper in front of an audience) will be considered for travel funding, unless posters are the only mechanism allowed by the meeting/conference organizers for students to show their work.

The Office of Graduate Studies offers a limited number of travel grants annually to encourage student participation in academic meetings and conferences held within the United States and territories (includes Puerto Rico).*The award will have a maximum value of $400 (including a maximum of $200 towards registration fees and a maximum of $200 towards other meeting/conference-related expenses such as transportation, lodging, and food). Online applications and required materials are due at least one month before the meeting or conference begins. Students are only eligible for one award per fiscal year (July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015). In addition, no more than five awards will be given out for each meeting or conference. Students who have already received a travel subsidy from the Office of Graduate Studies or Office of International Programs in the same fiscal year or submitted an incomplete or late application or one with a budget that is totally out of line will NOT be considered.

*Students intending to attend international meetings beyond the United States and territories should seek funding from the Office of International Programs.

Qualifications & Conditions: To qualify, the applicant must be enrolled in a full-time PhD/doctoral or master’s program at Drexel, in good academic standing, and presenting a talk or paper at the meeting/conference. The presenting student must complete this online application and submit all required materials listed below at least one month before the conference begins. Applicants will be notified of any award via email whenever possible within 4 weeks of the start of the meeting/conference and at least 2 weeks before the start of the meeting/conference and no sooner. Awards will be distributed in the form of reimbursement after the meeting/conference. A follow up 1-2 page summary/report and all required documents for reimbursement are due to the Office of Graduate Studies within two weeks of the last day of travel. All awards are calculated and determined by the Associate Vice Provost for Graduate Studies based on the following conditions:

  • The type of participation and visibility in the conference; for instance (1) Quality/likely impact of the presentation, (2) Size/quality of the meeting (local vs. international, for example), (3) Student’s role in the presentation (first author or not, oral session vs. poster [if/when allowed])
  • The strength of support in the recommendation letter
  • Student’s year in program (and therefore number of opportunities for further support)
  • The subsidy funds available
  • The amount of any other funding student is receiving to help cover expenses
  • The amount of previous support/funding a student has received in the past

Application Instructions: Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, but must be submitted at least one month before the meeting/conference begins. A decision will be returned via email whenever possible within 4 weeks of the start of the meeting/conference and at least 2 weeks before the start of the meeting/conference. To apply, please complete the online application (includes Applicant Information, Meeting/Conference Information, Estimated Expenses, Required Application Materials, and Agreement) and submit all required application materials in a single PDF file at the end of this form. Please do not submit your application without all of the following application materials:

  1. A 1-page personal statement explaining the relevance and importance of attending the meeting/conference
  2. Statement of support by the Graduate Advisor including justification for attendance, confirmation of student’s full-time status, and details on the other sources of funding (may be emailed separately by the advisor if preferred)
  3. Transcript (unofficial transcript from DrexelOne is appropriate)
  4. Conference information (brochure, website, etc.) with details of registration fees, if applicable
  5. Proof of your presentation’s acceptance at the conference (if available at time of application or as soon as possible after via email)
  6. Resume/Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Reimbursement: Awards are distributed in the form of reimbursement via a Check Request or Funding Transfer. Recipients who are receiving funding from Drexel departments/advisors will have the choice to follow the standard reimbursement procedures listed below or have their award transferred directly to their department/advisor via a Funding Transfer. Recipients will only be reimbursed if/when they submit all required documentation and receipts for meeting/conference-related expenses. Recipients must submit the following required documents to the Office of Graduate Studies within two weeks of the last day of travel:

  1. Original Receipts/Invoices: Please ask for separate and itemized receipts. Please write-in any added tips (if applicable). Small receipts must be attached/taped to separate sheets of paper. Only receipts originating online or in email format can be scanned, emailed, or faxed. Original receipts must be submitted in person or via regular mail.
  2. Check Request Form: Complete sections 1 and 2 and your student ID number. Students who are employed by Drexel (i.e. in Payroll) will receive a direct deposit. Can be scanned, emailed, or faxed.
  3. A 1-2 Page Summary/Report: Summarizing your experience. Please mention any awards, honors, etc. Can be scanned, emailed, or faxed.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Office of Graduate Studies at (215) 895-0366 or