Research & Funding

Financial Aid

Drexel awards highly qualified students, especially those enrolled in doctoral programs, financial aid through appointments as teaching, research, or graduate assistants. Students are required to perform specific work assignments within the University in return for a stipend. Both U.S. and non-U.S. citizens are eligible, and must be enrolled as full-time graduate students.

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Learn more about how you can help finance your education by becoming a Graduate Teaching Assitant (TA) or Research Assistant (RA)

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Travel Subsidy

The Office of Graduate Studies offers a limited number of travel subsidies annually to encourage student participation in academic meetings and conferences within the United States.

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Higher Education Advocate Travel Award

Drexel University’s Office of Graduate Studies and Graduate Student Association offer a limited number of Higher Education Travel Awards to support students advocating for higher education.

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Drexel Dean's Fellowships

Awarded by the University's Graduate Admissions Office, a Drexel Dean's Fellowship is a non-need-based award to a full-time graduate student that provides a percentage of their tuition each term. Designed to assist outstanding applicants, the fellowship does not carry any assigned duties.

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Provost's and Office of Graduate Studies Fellowships

Each year, the Office of Graduate Studies is pleased to offer for open competition a limited number of Provost Fellowships that are designed to encourage the recruitment of highly qualified students for all of Drexel's doctoral programs.

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Dissertation Fellowships

A small number of fellowships are available to TAs in their final term of the PhD degree program, i.e. in the quarter/semester in which they are writing up and defending their dissertation.

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Parental Accomodation Fellowships

Parental Accommodation Fellowships are available to current students receiving full-time Research Assistantships (RA) or Teaching Assistantships (TA) to relieve the student of teaching responsibilities or as a replacement for her/his stipend if the student is an RA.

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Health Insurance Subsidy

The university will defray in part or whole the premiums for the university-offered Aetna Health insurance program to all Teaching Assistants, Research Assistants, Graduate Assistants and Graduate Research Fellows enrolled and working on a full time basis.

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