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Provost's Office: Memorandum

To: All Faculty
From: Susan Stein, Drexel Green Academic Committee faculty co-chair
Subject: Request for Courses Involving Sustainability for New List
Date: 04 November 2008

Dear Colleagues,

The Drexel Green Academic Committee is working with the Office of the Provost to create a list of all Drexel courses that address sustainability, covered either as a major theme or as a minor aspect of the course. This list will help our committee take an inventory of existing sustainability-themed courses offered at Drexel so we can then make recommendations on which other sustainability courses Drexel should consider. Additionally, this list will be used to inform students of sustainability-themed courses offered each term. Please help us generate this list by sending the following information to me at ses55@drexel.edu:

  1. College or School and department where the course is offered
  2. Course number and title
  3. Course description
  4. Number of credits
  5. Whether or not the course addresses ecological sustainability as a major or minor theme
  6. Which term(s) the course is offered

Because we are trying to make this list available to students as they select their Winter Term courses, please respond with your course information no later than Monday, November 10th. We will then place the information on the Web and notify students about its availability.

Note that although the term "sustainable" is typically associated with ecology, sustainability also includes broader understandings and historical perspectives of social and economic dimensions. For more information on definitions of sustainability, go to page 3 of the Sustainability Assessment Questionnaire for Colleges and Universities available at http://www.ulsf.org/programs_saq.html.

We also invite you to get involved with our committee or one of the other Drexel Green Committees that are working on sustainability issues here at Drexel. For more information, go to our wiki:


Information about Drexel Green generally can be found at http://www.drexel.edu/sustainability. Thanks in advance for your help.

Susan Stein, Drexel Green Academic Committee faculty co-chair
Department of Culture and Communication

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