Drexel University Office of the Provost


Provost Office: Memorandum

To: All Faculty
From: Bill Stephenson, Vice Provost for Research
Subject: Extra Compensation Policy
Date: 18 November 2005

Periodically we review university policies to assure our continued compliance with applicable regulations. Examination of the extra compensation policy that applies to faculty appointed for the nine month academic year indicates that this policy needs to be brought in line with the standard at almost every other U.S. institution.

Specifically, for those on nine month academic year contracts, extra compensation derived from grants and contracts, will be limited to a maximum of three months, providing guidelines with respect to vacation, etc. are adhered to and the granting agency permits it. (For example, the National Science Foundation generally does not permit more than two summer months of support for their grantees.)

Please also be aware that in some schools and colleges faculty members are expected to offset a portion of their academic year salary from grants before their request for charging a third summer month to a grant or contract is approved. In general funds generated by through such salary offset may be retained and used by the Deans/Directors to support activities within their respective units.

I appreciate your understanding our need to periodically review our policies and make changes as circumstances warrant. If you have any questions about this change please feel free to contact Bill Stephenson, Vice Provost for Research at bill.stephenson@drexel.edu

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