Public Speaking

Economic and Labor Market Developments and Outlook

Labor Force of South Dakota, Governor’s Office of South Dakota, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, May 21-22, 2014.

Labor Force Status of Los Angeles Metro Area, Los Angeles, California. May 8, 2014.
Annie Casey Foundation, Baltimore, Maryland, December 6, 2013.

MAVA Retreat, Fort Devens, Massachusetts, August 14, 2013.

“Workforce Projections in Health Care,” PA Coalition to Advance Nursing, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, August 8, 2013.

CEO Council for Growth Meeting, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, June 5, 2013. 

“The Regional Labor Market, College Enrollment and the Rising Mal-Employment of Recent College Graduates,” 2013 Faculty of the Future Conference, Bucks County Community College, Pennsylvania, May 31, 2013.

“Young Adults: Labor Force Status in Pike, Wayne, and Susquehanna,” Northeast Innovation Alliance/Workforce Wayne 7th Annual Meeting, Hawley, Pennsylvania, May 20, 2013.

“Health Employment Issues,” National Association of Workforce Boards, Washington, DC, March 10, 2013.

“Can a Poor Jobs Recovery Generate Serious Labor Shortages?,” NGA Winter Workforce Symposium, National Governors Association, Washington, D.C., February 22, 2013.

“Teen and Young Adult Job Access,” North Central Workforce Board, Leominster, MA, February 15, 2013.

CWA Youth Conference/ Defy the Predictable, Los Angeles, CA, January 16, 2013.
“Healthcare Industry Employment Developments in the U.S., 2001 to 2012,” Jewish Healthcare Foundation, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, October 18, 2012.

“Flow of Workers, Hours of Work Hourly Wages and Annual Earnings: Human Capital Investments and Annual Earnings,” New Hampshire Works Staff Day, May 22, 2012.

Reinventing Older Communities: Building Resilient Cities Conference, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, May, 9 2012.

“Economic Well-Being and the Healthcare Industry in Massachusetts,” JFM, Boston, Massachusetts, May 1, 2012

360 on Jobs Forum, Goodwill, New York, April 20, 2012.

“Economic Turbulence and the American Exception: Understanding Developments in Economic Activity and the American Labor Market,” ULI Arizona Trends Day, Urban Land Institute, January 25, 2013.
Senate President’s Forum, Key West, Florida, January, 2012.

“Unemployment and Job Openings Relationships: Continuing Poor Re-employment Prospects for the Nation’s Insured Unemployed,” National Unemployment Insurance Directors Conference, Providence, Rhode Island October 20, 2011.

“Understanding America’s Long-Term Labor Supply Underutilization Problem,” Congressional Staff Briefing, Washington, DC, September 16, 2011.

“The Great Recession and Sluggish Economic Outlook in Metro New York,” Westchester New York Business Council Annual Outlook Conference,” June 2, 2011.

“The Labor Market Outlook in Pennsylvania and the Nation,” Keynote Address, Pennsylvania, Partners, Hershey, PA, May 5, 2011.

“Health Labor Markets in the Age of Health Care Reform,” Massachusetts AFL-CIO Health Care Conference, Plymouth, MA, March 22, 2011.

“Workforce and Education Programming in an Adverse Labor Market,” Presentation to the Rhode Island Senate, March 21, 2011.

“Going Sideways: The Rhode Island Labor Market in the Coming Years,” Leadership Rhode Island, Fidelity Investments, Smithfield, Rhode Island, February 23, 2011.

“A Poor Jobs Outlook for 2011: The Rising Challenge of Extreme Long-Term Unemployment in the U.S.,” Keynote Address, National Association of Workforce Boards Annual Conference, Washington, DC, February 1 2011.

“A Sluggish Recovery and Sustained Excess Labor Supply Conditions: Challenges for Education and Workforce Development,” Keynote Address, U.S. Department of Labor, National Conference on Recovery and Re-employment,” Washington, DC, December 14, 2010.

Workforce Development

The Conference Center at the Maritime Institute, District 1199C, Linthicum Heights, Maryland, May 17, 2014.

“The Job Market Experiences of Gulf II Veterans,” Mayors’ Roundtable on Military Employment & Military/Vets Job Fair, Providence, Rhode Island, April 26, 2013.

The Conference Center at the Maritime Institute, District 1199C, Linthicum Heights, Maryland, May 17, 2013.

Board of Directors, Philadelphia Area United Way, March 6, 2013.
Inspiring Financial Strength: Leadership Summit, Goodwill, Rockville, Maryland, October 25, 2012.

District 1199C Leadership Retreat, Atlantic City, New Jersey, May 19, 2012.

New York City’s Labor Market Problems and Effective Workforce Strategies,” New York City Workforce Funders Group Retreat, Cooperstown, New York, October 12, 2011.

“Understanding the Interrelationships between Labor Force Status and the Poverty in Baltimore, Maryland, Washington DC and Richmond Virginia,” National League of Cities, Baltimore, Maryland, September 23, 2011.

“Labor Supply Challenges Associated with an Aging Workforce,” Keynote Address, Planning for an Aging Workforce in Massachusetts: A Forum for Businesses and Workforce Professionals, Worcester, Massachusetts, July 20, 2011.

“Virginia Labor Markets and Workforce Development: Connecting Policy and Planning to Labor Market Realities,” Virginia Workforce Development Council and the Community College System of Virginia, June 9, 2011.

“Understanding Labor Market Problems in Arkansas,” Keynote Address, Arkansas Department of Workforce Services, Little Rock, Arkansas, April 14, 2011.

“Older Workers In Rhode Island: Evidence of Substitution of Older for Younger Workers,” Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce, Annual Employment Breakfast, Providence, Rhode Island, April 12, 2011.

“Workforce Development Strategies: New Tools for Old Problems,” New York Association of Employment and Training Professionals, Albany, New York, May 10, 2011.

“The Literacy Requirements of the Pennsylvania Labor Market and the English Language Skills of Pennsylvania Residents: Implications for Adult Basic Education Programs,” Keynote Address, Pennsylvania Association of Adult and Continuing Education Annual Conference, State College, Pennsylvania, March 14, 2011.

“Understanding the Role of Trustworthy Information in Labor Exchange Activities,” Community Economic Development Assistance Corporation, Devons, Massachusetts, March 9, 2011.

“Declining Teen and Young Adult Employment: The Adverse Impact on Youth Development and Long Term Productivity in the American Economy,” National Association of Workforce Boards Annual Conference, Washington, DC, February 1 2011.


Higher Education

“Community and Technical Colleges,” Workforce Board, Seattle, Washington, July 30, 2013.

“Rising College Degree Awards in a Weak Labor Market Environment,” College Presidents’ Council, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, April 9, 2013.
Drexel’s Future Educator’s Event, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, March 14, 2013.

“Strategic Economic Need to Develop Student Career Interests at a Young Age,” Senator Blake’s E2 Summit, Scranton, Pennsylvania, December 3, 2012.

“College Labor Market Developments,” President’s Cabinet Meeting, September 4, 2012.

“Productivity, Jobs, and the American College Labor Market: Understanding Developments in Economic Activity and the Labor Market,” League for Innovation in the Community College, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, March 7, 2012.

“Strategies to Improve Two Year College Retention and Completion in the City of Boston,” Office of the Mayor, Boston, Massachusetts, September 19, 2011.

“Responding to Deteriorating Demand for MBA Program Graduates,” National Association of MBA Career Services and Placement Association, Keystone, Colorado, June 22, 2011.

“Cooperative Education and the Rising International Problem of Mal-employment among Recent College Graduates” World Association of Cooperative Education, Philadelphia, Pa. June 15, 2011.

Disability, Higher Education, and the Labor Market

Presentation Office of the Assistant Secretary, Office for Disability Employment Policy, U.S. Department of Labor, April 1, 2013.

“College Enrollment, Retention, and Graduation of High School Students with Disabilities,” 2011 OSEP Leadership Mega Conference, Crystal City, Virginia, August 2, 2011.

“Mal Employment and Earnings Disadvantages of College Graduates with Disabilities,” Peer-Reviewed Paper Presented at 2011 ADA National Network Research Conference, Arlington, Virginia, July 12, 2011.

“Older Workers in the New American Workforce: Implications for Accommodations and Universal Design,” Peer-Reviewed Paper Presented at 2011 ADA National Network Research Conference, Arlington, Virginia, July 12, 2011.

“Labor Market Experiences of Teens and Young Adults with Psychiatric Impairments during the Economic Crisis,” Peer-Reviewed Paper Presented at 2011 ADA National Network Research Conference, Arlington, Virginia, July 12, 2011.

“A Longitudinal Study of the Transition to Postsecondary Education Among Students with Disabilities,” Keynote Address, New England AHEAD Conference, Moving Forward: Access and Success for Students in Postsecondary Education, Boston Massachusetts, May 16, 2011.

“The Earnings Disadvantage of College Graduates with Disabilities,” Peer-Reviewed Scientific Paper Presented at 2011 NARRTC 33rd Annual Conference, Bethesda Maryland, April 27, 2011.

“Integrating Labor Market Analysis into Vocational Rehabilitation Policy and Planning,” Vermont Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Staff Retreat, Lake Morie, Vermont, May 24, 2011.