Course Websites Fall 2011-12

Course Title
PHEV 145 Weather I: Climate & Global F. House
PHEV 146 Weather II: Analysis/Forecast F. House
PHYS 100 Prep for Engineering Studies S. Tyagi
PHYS 101 Fundamentals of Physics I S. Bose
PHYS 102 Fundamentals of Physics II L. Cruz
PHYS 103 General Physics I J. Steinberg
PHYS 113 Contemporary Physics I D. Goldberg
PHYS 121 Physical Science for Design I R. Haracz
PHYS 131 Survey of the Universe G. Richards
PHYS 131 Survey of the Universe (Online) E. Scheidly
PHYS 135 How Things Work P. Kaczmarczik
PHYS 151 Applied Physics T. Lim
PHYS 151 Applied Physics (Online) E. Scheidly
PHYS 152 Introductory Physics I P. Bloomfield
PHYS 154 Introductory Physics III R. Steinberg
PHYS 160 Intro to Scientific Computing M. Vallieres
PHYS 182 Applied Physics I M. Carchidi
PHYS 185 Fundamentals of Phys Lec I R. Arizzi
PHYS 201 Fundaments of Physics III A. Aprelev
PHYS 217 Thermodynamics J. Yuan
PHYS 223 Modern Physics Laboratory R. Steinberg
PHYS 226 Instrument Scientists C. Lane
PHYS 232 Observational Astrophysics G. Richards
PHYS 311 Classical Mechanics I J. McCray
PHYS 326 Quantum Mechanics I M. Vogeley
PHYS 330 Intro to Nuclear Physics C. Lane
PHYS 408 Physics Seminar G. Richards
PHYS 431 Galactic Dynamics S. McMillan
PHYS 461 Biophysics B. Urbanc
PHYS 480 St. Graduate School Prep D. Goldberg
PHYS 491 Senior Research I R. Gilmore
PHYS 501 Mathematical Physics I S. McMillan
PHYS 506 Dynamics I J. McCray
PHYS 518 Quantum Mechanics III R. Gilmore
PHYS 522 Statistical Mechanics II J. Yuan
PHYS 531 Galatic Dynamics S. McMillan
PHYS 561 Biophysics B. Urbanc