Course Websites Winter 2014-15

Course Course Title Instructor
PHEV 145 Weather I: Climate & Global Steinberg, Jerry
PHEV 146 Weather II: Analysis/Forecast Steinberg, Jerry
PHYS 100 Prep for Engineering Studies Steinberg, Richard; Tyagi, Som
PHYS 101 Fundamentals of Physics I Aprelev, A.; Tyagi, S.; Urbanc, B.
PHYS 102 Fundamentals of Physics II Dolinski, Michelle  Tyagi, Som
PHYS 104 General Physics II Steinberg, Richard
PHYS 114 Contemporary Physics II Richards, Gordon
PHYS 122 Physical Science for Design II Haracz, Richard
PHYS 131 Survey of the Universe Scheidly, Eric
PHYS 135 How Things Work Love, Christina
PHYS 151 Applied Physics
Love, Christina
Applied Physics Scheidly, Eric
PHYS 153 Introductory Physics II Ferrone, Frank
PHYS 183 Applied Physics II Arizzi, Rocco
PHYS 188 Fundamentals of Phys Lab II Jones, Timothy
PHYS 189 Fundamentals of Phys Lec II Love, Christina
PHYS 201 Fundaments of Physics III Neilson, Naoko
PHYS 262 Introduction to Biophysics Cruz Cruz, Luis
PHYS 282 Fundamentals of Phys Lab III Jones, Timothy
PHYS 301 Special Theory of Relativity
Vogeley, Michael
PHYS 311 Classical Mechanics I Goldberg, David
PHYS 322 Electromagnetic Fields II Ma, Hairong
PHYS 324 Topics in Mathematical Phys Yuan, Jian-Min
PHYS 325 Computational Physics III Vallieres, Michel
PHYS 328 Advanced Laboratory Lane, Charles
PHYS 408 Physics Seminar Richards, Gordon
PHYS 453 Nanoscience Karapetrov, Goran
PHYS 471 Nonlinear Dynamics Gilmore, Robert
PHYS 492 Senior Research II Cruz Cruz, Luis
PHYS 502 Mathematical Physics II McMillan, Stephen
PHYS 511 Electromagnetic Theory I Lane, Charles
PHYS 516 Quantum Mechanics I Gilmore, Robert
PHYS 553 Nanoscience Karapetrov, Goran
PHYS 571 Nonlinear Dynamics Gilmore, Robert