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"The physics major at Drexel is special because of the opportunities it provides for undergraduates. The co-op system has taken me across the country to study superconductivity and the cosmic microwave background. It is also very easy to have one-to-one interactions with my professors whether I have a question after class or I am interested in research. And lastly, my undergraduate colleagues are fantastic, both as friends and as academic team members."
--Sam Ciocys, Physics '15

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"Co-op has been a wonderful experience helping me to decide what I want to pursue after graduation. I’ve been able to do real research in a number of fields, travel, and present my work at conferences. From my experiences, I’m confident that I want to pursue neutrino physics research and I’m excited about my upcoming co-op doing just that. I’ll be working on the EXO experiment under Dr. Dolinski."
--Jeremy Gaison, Physics '15

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"In addition, for my third co-op I had the chance to travel to Stanford for an EXO collaboration meeting. This was awesome because I had the chance to meet a lot of other physicists from many different schools. Also, while working on EXO I was able to go to Carlsbad, New Mexico to work on-site at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant, where the EXO experiment is located. This was really cool because I was finally able to see and work with the detector that I had been studying for the past couple months. Finally, I’m getting ready to go to Savannah, Georgia in April to present some of my research for the EXO collaboration at the APS conference."

-- Michael Jewell, Physics '14

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"I spent my first coop at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)... I ended up developing a software package to implement my ideas, which has led to a few invited talks, including one at the American Nuclear Society’s Winter Meeting (2013), and potentially a single-authored publication."
--Matthew Parsons, Physics '15

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“I have traveled extensively for both co-op/research and my involvement in various student organizations. I am also extremely excited to be going out to Kitt Peak National Observatory for two observing runs with the Bok 2.3 meter telescope during my upcoming third co-op!”
--Robyn Smith, Physics '15

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