Yi-Hsuan Lin

PhD Student

Yi-Hsuan Lin

Office: Disque Hall 715
Phone: 215.895.2990


  • BS in Physics, The College of New Jersey
  • MS in Physics, Drexel University

Research Interests

Neutrino Particle Physics

Current Research

Current Research:I am currently working in the neutrino particle group of Drexel University. My collaborations EXO-200 and nEXO are looking neutrinoless double beta decay, which is an extremely rare phenomenon that will give the Majorana (this means neutrino is its own antiparticle!) mass of neutrinos if observed, and set a better-than-existing limit if not observed. To do this, we have a time projection chamber filled with liquid xenon-136 isotope, which can provide 3D information about where in the chamber the events happened. My personal projects include: thermodynamics simulation of the liquid xenon in our system, converting values read off of our data acquisition hardwares to useful monitored parameters, and reconstructing the location of the observed charge clusters in our detector.

Publications include:


Dr. Michelle Dolinski


NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Extracurricular Activities

Outside of research, I am the president of the Physics Graduate Student Association and the treasurer of the Graduate Student Association.