Michelle Dolinski, PhD

Assistant Professor

Dr. Michelle Dolinski

Office: Disque Hall 913
Phone: 215.895.6860

Website: Group Website


  • AB-AM, Physics, Harvard University 2003
  • PhD, Physics, University of California, Berkeley 2008

Research Interests

Neutrino physics, Rare nuclear decays, Cryogenic detector technologies.


Professor Dolinski has a background in nuclear and particle physics. She completed her graduate work as a member of the CUORE collaboration, and she is a current collaborator on the Enriched Xenon Observatory (EXO), both experiments searching for a rare nuclear process known as neutrinoless double beta decay. Neutrinoless double beta decay experiments probe physics beyond the Standard Model of Particle Physics. The observation of neutrinoless double beta decay would prove that neutrinos are equivalent to their own anti-particles.

Professor Dolinski is interested in designing and building novel detectors for the next generation of neutrino experiments. In addition, she is interested in physics education and outreach, specifically improving the accessibility and quality of physics education at the high school level.