DPT Stories

student assisting patient on stairs "We have found that your graduates posses foundation skills that are strong, enabling them to quickly grasp advanced techniques in both application and performance."
—Amy Flannery, PT, Owner: PT Plus in Washington, N.J.
Employer of Drexel graduates

"The skills I have gained from Drexel's Physical Therapy program and their nationwide clinical affiliations have  already opened up many doors in my ever-growing professional career. Graduating from Drexel's PT program has left me more than prepared and able to hit the ground running in a fast-paced clinical environment from day 1; which is exactly what employers are looking for."
—Chris McKenzie, PT, DPT, Class of 2007

"The dedicated faculty and demanding curriculum at Drexel University motivated and prepared me to excel in the clinic. The program emphasis on critical thinking and evidence-based practice made my transition from the classroom to the clinic an easy one." 
—Suzanne Moore, PT, DPT,  Class of 2004