Why Drexel?

Drexel's Nutrition Sciences B.S. degree is designed to provide a sound basis for careers in dietetics and the application of the principles of nutrition and food science to the nutritional care of individuals and groups—such as in school food service or community nutrition—or to provide a sound basis for careers in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

The Human Nutrition major provides a unique base for graduate study. A study of the biochemical nature of nutrients and foods, their interaction with the environment, and their eventual metabolic fate is a strong career path for more research-minded students. The human nutrition major is concerned with normal and therapeutic nutrition for individuals and groups. This major also encompasses nutrition science, the application of the principles of biochemistry, physiology, and biology to human nutritional needs.

Current research in human nutrition includes food preference and nutrition, nutrition assessment, and effectiveness of nutrition education (particularly by the use of multimedia) on health and eating habits. Current research in nutrition science includes physiological and genetic determinants of obesity, lipid metabolism, neutraceuticals, and diet-endocrine interrelationships.

copd patient and nutritionist

Possible career opportunities in dietetics include the following:

  • Clinical Dietitians are specialists in food nutrition services in hospitals, outpatient clinics, and private practices. They assess patient nutrition, develop dietary plans, provide patient counseling, and monitor patient progress.
  • Community Dietitians work in public health agencies, health and fitness clubs, and day care centers. They counsel people on food choices and direct programs in nutrition awareness and disease prevention.
  • Management Dietitians specialize in food service systems or clinical management. They work in hospitals, nursing homes, school food service, cafeterias, and restaurants. They manage personnel, plan and conduct employee training programs, design food systems, and plan budgets.
  • Business Dietitians work in the food industry in product development and marketing, public relations, food styling, and menu design.
  • Consultant Dietitians are independent business people who work as consultants to nursing homes, sports team, and other clients.
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