Graduate Student Profiles 2012

DrexelNow is committed to telling the stories of the University's graduate student population. Below are profiles of just a few grad students and their unique projects and sometimes surprising backgrounds. If you would like to receive the monthly DrexelNow email designed specifically for graduate students, subscribe here.

February 2012: Kristy Jost
Grad student Kristy Jost has been fascinated by exploring the creation and capabilities of “smart textiles." To her, clothing is not only about aesthetic expression, but also about what a garment can actively and electronically do for its wearer.

March 2012: Alejandra Zannier
When a Fulbright Scholarship gave her the opportunity to pursue a master’s degree at Drexel, Alejandra Zannier knew the Television Management program in the Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts & Design was for her.

April 2012: Samir Patel and Roger Lee
Sea turtles. Greece. South Africa. These are some of the wonderful aspects of the research being done by Ph.D. candidate Samir Patel in Drexel's Department of Biology.

Graduate student Roger Lee recently pursued his lifelong dream of launching his own dance company, one that meets his personal standard by contributing in a positive way to the city.

May 2012: Mike O'Docharty
Mike O'Docharty received his Drexel diploma in June—the former Navy officer now has a master's in Human Resource Development after spending the past two years soaking up knowledge at Drexel's Center for Graduate Studies in Sacramento.

June 2012Chris Swin and Michael Ryan
As president of Drexel’s Graduate Student Association, Chris Swin has made it his mission to give the graduate student population at Drexel a voice.

Five years since first joining the Drexel community as an international grad student, Michael Ryan hopes to help fellow international students who might not have friends or relatives to help ease their transitions to life in the United States.

July 2012: Michael Brennan
Meet Michael Brennan, a computer science PhD candidate who has a passion for the intersection of computer science and its effect on society.

August 2012: Thom Wall and Renata Carneiro
In between juggling acts at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Va., Thom Wall told DrexelNow about his silver medal and how he's able to balance life as both a Drexel student and the second-best juggler in the world.

Not only does international graduate student Renata Carneiro have an eye for some of society's most unnoticed issues — she sees them through a global lens.

September 2012: Karen Sullam
Karen Sullam is fascinated by and currently studying a most interesting area of aquatic life and ecosystems: fish guts.

October 2012: Victor Abiamiri
Former Eagles defensive end Victor Abiamiri left the field at the Linc behind to walk Drexel's campus as a one-year LeBow MBA student.

November 2012: Girish Balakrishnan
Digital media grad student Girish Balakrishnan says there's a way to encourage reading among young people in the digital age.

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