CTRI Seed Funding Awards

Drexel’s Clinical & Translational Research Institute has announced the recipients of its first round of seed funding. There were 35 applications submitted for review, and each submission was evaluated by three independent reviewers from across the University. The awards were evaluated for their overall merit and significance, the strength of the principal investigator and research team, the fit with the CTRI program of promoting innovative clinical and translational research and the feasibility of the approach and overall strategy.

Six awards of about $75,000 will go to the following proposals:

• Enrique Aradillas-Lopez, MD (neurology, principal investigator); Seena Ajit, PhD (pharmacology and physiology); and Guillermo Alexander, PhD (neurology), for their project, “Mechanisms involved in the efficacy of plasma exchange therapy for the treatment of complex regional pain syndrome.”

• Felix Kim, PhD (pharmacology and physiology, principal investigator); Alessandro Graziano, PhD (pharmacology and physiology); Terry Heiman-Patterson, MD (neurology); Paul McGonigle, PhD (pharmacology and physiology); and Joseph Salvino, Ph.D. (Pharmacology & Physiology), for their project, “Targeting sigma1 for the treatment of ALS.”

• Agustin Legido, MD, PhD (pediatrics, principal investigator); James Connell, PhD (A.J. Drexel Autism Institute); and Michael Goldenthal, PhD (pediatrics), for their project, “Does clinical treatment targeting mitochondrial dysfunction impact ASD?”

• Mary Mulcahey, MD (orthopedic surgery, principal investigator), and Michele Marcolongo, PhD (materials science and engineering), for their project, “The effect of intra-articular knee injections of biomimetic aggrecan in an in vivo arthritic rabbit model.”

• Jennifer Nasser, PhD (nutrition sciences, principal investigator), and Hasan Ayaz, PhD (biomedical engineering), for their project, “fNIRS assessment of dorsolateral and dorsomedial prefrontal cortex in response to food as a marker for ‘loss of control.’”

• Christopher Vinnard, MD (infectious disease and internal medicine, principal investigator); Joseph Salvino, PhD (pharmacology and physiology); and Peter Hans Schlecht, MD (medicine), for their project, “A novel method to detect rifamycins in biologic samples.”