Mobilities Editors

Kevin Hannam

Kevin Hannam is Professor of Tourism Development in the School of Arts, Design, Media and Culture at the University of Sunderland where he is Head of Tourism and Student Admissions. His research interests include: ecotourism, Third World tourism, European cultural and heritage tourism, and tourism theory. He is a member of the Tourism Society and the British Association of South Asian Studies. Kevin Hannam is co-editor of the journal Mobilities

Mimi Sheller

Mimi Sheller is Professor of Sociology and founding Director of the Center for Mobilities Research and Policy. She is founding co-editor of the journal Mobilities; Associate Editor of the journal Transfers: Interdisciplinary Journal of Mobility Studies; and serves on the Scientific Board of the Mobile Lives Forum, SNCF, France. As co-editor, with John Urry, of Mobile Technologies of the City (Routledge, 2006), Tourism Mobilities (Routledge, 2004) and several key articles, she helped to establish the new interdisciplinary field of mobilities research. Her work in progress includes the book Aluminum Dreams: The Making of Light Modernity (MIT Press, 2014); the co-edited volume Handbook of Mobilities (Routledge, 2013); and the co-edited book Mobility, Mobile Communication, and Locative Media (Routledge 2014).

She was awarded her AB from Harvard University (1988, summa cum laude) in History and Literature, and MA (1993) and PhD (1997) in Sociology and Historical Studies from the New School for Social Research. She has held Visiting Fellowships at the Davis Center for Historical Studies at Princeton University (2008-09); Media@McGill in Montreal, Canada (2009); the Center for Mobility and Urban Studies at Aalborg University, Denmark (2009); and the Penn Humanities Forum (on Virtuality) at the University of Pennsylvania (2010-11).

Sheller is also the author of several books and numerous articles in the field of Caribbean Studies, including Democracy After Slavery (Macmillan, 2000); Consuming the Caribbean (Routledge, 2003); and Citizenship from Below (Duke University Press, 2012). She has been co-investigator on two National Science Foundation RAPID grants, one in 2010-2012 collaborating with engineers in a study of local participation in post-earthquake planning of water and sanitation infrastructure in Leogane, Haiti; and the second in 2012-2013 addressing the causes, consequences, and government responses to the rising water levels and massive flooding of the region’s two largest lakes, Lake Azuei (Haiti) and Lake Enriquillo (Dominican Republic). Sheller also co-chaired the NSF review of all Haiti RAPID grants, and served as an advisor to the World Bank’s Global Facility for Disaster Risk Reduction in its preparation of a report with the Government of Japan on the Japanese Great Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami (2012).

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John Urry

John Urry is Professor of Sociology and Director of the Centre for Mobilities Research (CeMoRe), Director of MA Tourism & Travel at Lancaster University. At Lancaster, John Urry has been Head of the Sociology Department (1983–89), Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences (1989–94) and the University's Dean of Research (1994–98). Also he was Chair of HEFCE's Research Assessment Exercise Sociology Panel in 1996 and 2001. Professor Urry’s research interests are in the sociology of power and revolution, social theory and the philosophy of the social sciences, urban and regional research mainly associated with the Lancaster Regionalism Group, the relationship between society and space, the possibilities of developing local economic policies, economic and social change in western capitalist societies, consumer services and especially tourist-related services, issues of environmental change and the ‘sociology of nature’, the changing nature of mobility, and the implications of complexity theory for the social sciences. He has been a Visiting Professor in the Departments of Geography at Bristol and Roskilde Universities. John Urry is a founding editor of the journal Mobilities (see url below) and has been the editor of the International Library of Sociology since 1990. He is a Founding Academician of the Academy of Social Sciences and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.