Taking On America's Car Culture Plus a New Mobilities Course

August 1, 2013 —  

Mimi Sheller, Sociologist and Director of the Center for Mobilities Research and Policy at Drexel University discusses automobility and the transition away from car culture in the United States. Driving in private cars is deeply embedded in American culture, so how can a population’s mobility become less dependent on its gas-guzzling habits? Mimi Sheller surveys new initiatives on the Mobility Channel of the Mobile Lives Forum. Want to learn more? Check out the new Mobilities class coming this fall below.

New Mobilities Course

SOC312-002: Mobility Systems: Topics in the Sociology of Science and Technology

Professor Mimi Sheller: Fall Term 2013

Are we approaching the end of “car culture” in the United States? This course introduces the interdisciplinary field of mobilities research as a new way to understand the current process of transition from the 20th-century system of fossil-fuel dependent automobility, highways, and suburbanization towards an emerging system of alternative fuels, mixed transport modes, new kinds of vehicle sharing and innovation in infrastructures and mobility systems. It also asks how new forms of mobile communication and “smart” connectivity are changing the way we interact with other people, with information, and with places while moving.