Sheller Invited to Give Several International Talks

September 11, 2013 —  

Mimi Sheller giving a talk in Lancaster, United Kingdom

Mimi Sheller, Director of the Center for Mobilities Research and Policy has recently given several international invited talks addressing various issues relating to mobilities research in global perspective.

On September 6th she gave an invited Keynote Address “Mobility in the Time of Cholera” at the conference Mobility Futures, celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Centre for Mobilities Research which she co-founded with John Urry at Lancaster University, UK.

This paper will eventually appear as part of a tenth anniversary special issue of the journal Mobilities, of which she is a founding co-editor.

Ferrys in the harbor in Hong Kong

In August she was invited to speak at two universities in China’s Special Administrative Regions. On August 23rd she presented a paper on “Aluminum’s Global Flows: Material Traces of the Atlantic World’s Demise” at the Atlantic Studies: Global Currents Symposium, held at the City University of Hong Kong, which will form part of a special issue on global perpectives on the Atlantic world. She will also be joining the editorial board of the journal, which is relaunching as Atlantic Studies: Global Currents.

On August 27th, she gave an invited talk on “Elite mobilities: Bodies, Spaces, Infrastructures”, at the University of Macau. This is based on the epilogue she wrote for the book Elite Mobilities, eds. T. Birtchnell and J. Caletrío (London and New York: Routledge, 2013), which has just been published.