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August 25, 2015
PAD cover
Here is a round up of news from the Center for Mobilities Research and Policy

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Has Car Culture Crashed?

May 06, 2015
Has Car Culture Crashed?
It’s been roughly a century since we were introduced to automobiles. But, as Americans buy fewer cars, drive less and get fewer licenses as each year goes by, it’s impossible not to wonder: has America passed its driving peak?

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Shifting Energy Cultures Series

February 02, 2015
Lightbulb with wind turbine inside
The Shifting Energy Cultures Series is part of a multi-disciplinary research project funded by the Institute for Energy and the Environment that explores the social ordering of choices, problems and practices that shape “energy cultures” in campus environments. We will use Drexel’s “smart grid” building system as a case study and living lab.

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Invitation for Proposals for T²M and Cosmobilities Network Joint Conference

January 30, 2015
T2M Conference logo 2015
The International Association for the History of Transport, Traffic and Mobility (T²M) and the Cosmobilities Network invite proposals for panels and papers to be presented at their first joint conference. The conference will be hosted by the Dipartimento di Lettere e Beni Culturali of the Second University of Naples

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Cosmobilities Conference 2014

November 24, 2014
2014 Cosmobilities Conference
Mobilities Center Director and Professor of Sociology Mimi Sheller gave the Keynote Address "Mobilizing Hybrid Cities: Urban Mobilities and Mobile Media Locative Media" at the Cosmobilities Network 10th Anniversary Conference. The conference, entitled Networked Urban Mobilities was held in Copenhagen from 5-7 November 2014.

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Julia Hildebrand joins Mobilities Center as RA

November 24, 2014
Julia M. Hildebrand
Julia M. Hildebrand is a doctoral student in Communication, Culture, and Media and Communication and has joined the Mobilities Center as a Research Assistant on the project "The Imaginary of Rail Transport and Mobility in the United States." Julia will be assisting Dr. Mimi Sheller in conducting interviews with decision makers involved in planning for the future of the Northeast Corridor.

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Mimi Sheller, PhD, Elected President of the International Association for the History of Transport, Traffic and Mobility

September 29, 2014
t2m Conference at Drexel University
Mimi Sheller, PhD, Professor of Sociology and Director of the Center for Mobilities Research and Policy, has been elected President of the International Association for the History of Transport, Traffic, and Mobility  

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Drexel to Host the 12th Annual Conference of the Association for the History of Transport, Traffic and Mobility

September 10, 2014
T2M Conference Logo 2014
We are delighted to welcome more than 130 international visitors to Drexel University and the City of Philadelphia for the 12th Annual Conference of the Association for the History of Transport, Traffic and Mobility on September 18-21, 2014. 

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Roundup of New Publications in Mobilities Research

August 19, 2014
Theory Culture and Society
Mobilities Center Director Mimi Sheller has a far-reaching range of new publications. From mobile media to globalization and border studies, this work gives a good idea of some of the key areas that are central to the vibrant interdisciplinary field of mobilities research.

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How Aluminum Changed the World, for Good and Bad: A Q&A With Drexel Prof Mimi Sheller

June 17, 2014
Alumnium - Red Earth
For many of the pieces of modern life that emerged and spread during the 20th century, from air travel to electric service to cans of soda, you have aluminum to thank. The strong but lightweight metal helped change the world in ways previously unimaginable. But the quest for more aluminum has also had damaging ripple effects on the environment and indigenous populations around the world.

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A.J. Drexel Institute for Energy and the Environment Announces Inaugural Class of Research Grants

May 13, 2014
AJ Institute grant project
Reducing carbon emissions, improving efficiency of the power grid and using ultrasound to treat contaminated water are just a few of the research goals being pursued by the first round of projects funded by the A.J. Drexel Institute for Energy and the Environment. In all six projects received seed funding totaling $270,000 to investigate topics related to environmental protection and sustainability.

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Mobilities Center Director Mimi Sheller Publishes New Book

April 14, 2014

Aluminum shaped the twentieth century. It enabled high-speed travel and gravity-defying flight. It was the material of a streamlined aesthetic that came to represent modernity. And it became an essential ingredient in industrial and domestic products that ranged from airplanes and cars to designer chairs and artificial...

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New Routledge Handbook of Mobilities Published

April 11, 2014
The Routledge Handbook of Mobilities

The Center for Mobilities Research and Policy is pleased to announce the publication of The Routledge Handbook of Mobilities, edited by Peter Adey, David Bissell, Kevin Hannam, Peter Merriman, and Mimi Sheller.

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ImagineTrains USA

April 09, 2014
Time Magazine illustration from 1942 of the Bohn Train of the Future

Mimi Sheller, PhD, Director of the Center for Mobilities Research and Policy, will be undertaking a study of visions for high speed rail development on Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor as part of a multi-site comparative study.

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Spinoffs of Mobility Call for Papers

December 18, 2013
Spinoffs of Mobility Banner
The International Association for the History of Transport, Traffic and Mobility (T²M) invites proposals for papers to be presented at the 12th International Conference on the History of Transport, Traffic and Mobility, to be held at Drexel University on 18-21 September, 2014.  

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Fuller in Philadelphia

October 24, 2013
Eva Diaz
The Fuller in Philadelphia Symposium co-sponsored by the Mobilities Center and the ExCITe Center was held on October 14th at the ExCITe Center with keynote speakers Eva Díaz (Pratt Institute), Tim Wessels and Mimi Sheller, plus a hands-on workshop led by Joseph D. Clinton building triangular tessellations.

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Changing Attitudes Toward Driving: Mimi Sheller on Radio Times

October 01, 2013
Arial view of cars in a parking lot
Dr. Mimi Sheller, the Director of Drexel's Center for Mobilities, Research and Policy and a professor of Sociology was recently on "Radio Times", to discuss the changing attitudes toward driving and the automobile, and to look at what all this means for cities, the auto industry, and the next generation of drivers and their way of life.

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The Hispaniola Lakes Project

September 12, 2013
Lake Azuei

The island of Hispaniola holds the two largest landlocked bodies of water in the Caribbean, Lakes Enriquillo and Azuei (also known as Lake Saumatre), with surface areas (as of March 2013) of approximately 350 km2 and 140 km2, respectively.

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Sheller Invited to Give Several International Talks

September 11, 2013
Casinos in Macau

Mimi Sheller, Director of the Center for Mobilities Research and Policy has recently given several international invited talks addressing various issues relating to mobilities research in global perspective.

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Taking On America's Car Culture Plus a New Mobilities Course

August 01, 2013
Traffic Light photo by Grendelkhan on Flickr

An interview with Mimi Sheller plus a new course discussing automobility and the transition away from car culture in the United States.

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Farmland, Homes and Hope Disappear with Rising Waters in Haiti

July 17, 2013
Former farmland flooded by Lake Azuei in Haiti

Joseph is a truck driver from Fonds-Parisien, Haiti, who has nine children. His family has lived by Lake Azuei for generations. In the past 10 years, the lake has risen more than 10 meters and has doubled in size, from 155 square kilometers in 2004 to 354 square kilometers today.

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The End of Car Culture

July 01, 2013
Cars at a restaurant in the 1950's. Carl Iwasaki/Time & Life Pictures — Getty Images.

Mimi Sheller, Director of the mCenter at Drexel, is quoted in a New York Times Sunday Review article by Elisabeth Rosenthal on the end of car culture. Rosenthal asks whether we are reaching the end of 20th century car culture, with growing evidence that the U.S. reached “peak driving” and is now in a downturn.

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Border Work

June 26, 2013
Mexico - United States Border Fence

The U.S. Senate Immigration Bill calls for $40 billion in spending to build 700 miles of fencing, double the number of border agents to 40,000, and expand surveillance technologies such as drones and thermal imaging cameras on the U.S.-Mexico border.

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The Aluminum Dreams that Lost Their Shine

May 16, 2013
Mobile Lives Forum Logo

Broadcasting on the Mobility Channel of the Mobile Lives Forum, mCenter Director Mimi Sheller discusses her forthcoming book Aluminum Dreams: Lightness, Speed, Modernity (MIT Press, 2014)

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Differential Mobilities Begins Today

May 08, 2013
Differential Mobilities Conference
From May 8-11, 2013 the Mobile Media Lab in the Communication Studies department of Concordia University in Montreal will be hosting Differential Mobilities: Movement and Mediation in Networked Societies. This international conference is sponsored by the Pan-American Mobilities Network, in association with the European Cosmobilities Network.

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Urban Vitality and the Arts

May 02, 2013
Urban Vitality Arts
The artist team Ecoarttech (Leila Nadir and Cary Pepperment) will be presenting a Philadelphia premier of their work Indeterminate Hikes+ as part of the class Urban Vitality & the Arts, taught by Mimi Sheller and Hana Iverson. Ecoarttech work on the overlapping terrain between “nature”, built environments, mobility and electronic spaces and technologies.

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Rising Waters in Haiti and Dominican Republic: Where Will the Villagers Go?

April 29, 2013
Rising Waters in Haiti and Dominican Republic
Spring break in the Caribbean conjures up images of days on the beach and nights in the clubs. But for Dr. Mimi Sheller, director of the Mobilities Center in Drexel’s College of Arts and Sciences, it meant something very different: trying to understand the effects of a climate-related or geological phenomenon that is imperiling two lakes on the border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

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“Aluminum Wars," A talk by Mimi Sheller, PhD

April 23, 2013
Advertisement for Alumninum during the Korean War
Dr. Mimi Sheller will be speaking on “Aluminum Wars” at the research Seminar of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University on Friday, April 26th. All seminars are held at 12 noon in the Academy’s Ewell Sale Stewart Library & Archives unless otherwise noted. These technical seminars are intended for scientists and college-level students. Guests from other research and higher education institutions and organizations are encouraged to attend.

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A New Issue of Mobilities

March 07, 2013
Mobilities: Volume 8, Number 1. February 2013
There is a new special issue of Mobilities focusing on borders and mobilities. Articles by: Tim Richardson, Mark B. Salter, Jørgen Ole Bærenholdt, Anne Jensen, Sanneke Kloppenburg and more.

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Dr. Mimi Sheller Featured in Mobile World Centre Video

February 21, 2013
Dr. Mimi Sheller
Mimi Sheller will be featured in a video installed in the new Mobile World Center, in the heart of Barcelona. The Centre is Mobile World Capital’s permanent exhibition & venue, to spread and demonstrate the latest mobile technologies and solutions to citizens.

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Call for Participation at the Global Conference On Mobility Futures

February 18, 2013
Centre for Mobilities Research logo
As part of the tenth anniversary celebrations of the Centre for Mobilities Research (CeMoRe) at Lancaster University, we are pleased to announce and invite contributions for the ‘Global Conference on Mobility Futures’, September 4-6th, 2013, at Lancaster University, UK.

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mCenter Receives NSF Grant in Collaboration with CCNY

January 07, 2013
Lake Enriquillo
The mCenter is pleased to announce the award of a Rapid research grant from the National Science Foundation, with investigators in collaboration with CCNY.

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New paradigms in conceptualizing shared mobility – Call for papers

December 08, 2012
Royal Geographical Society Conference
We invite submissions to the following Call for Papers for the 2013 RGS-IBG (Royal Geographical Society – Institute of British Geographers) annual conference. This will take place in London from Wednesday 28 to Friday 30 August 2013. Please note the opportunity for a postgraduate paper prize.

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