MEM Academic Options

If exceptional ability and academic achievement are on your list of high school accomplishments, you can make the most of your Drexel degree with our Fast-Track Options. These include the University University Honors Program, and opportunities for accelerated studies, dual degrees, a combined bachelor's/master's programs and an MEM University Honors Program. If you are planning to continue your studies in medical school, law school, or another professional or graduate program, Drexel can offer special counseling to ensure that you gain the right preparation as an undergraduate.

University Honors Program

If you've shown exceptional achievement in high school, your acceptance at Drexel can also bring an invitation to be part of the University's University Honors Program. As a Drexel honors student, you'll have extra opportunities to enrich your learning. Those students who maintain a high level of achievement can graduate with "University Honors."

Minors Program

Your choice of a major gives a focus to your studies--but at Drexel that choice doesn't limit your options. You can also choose from among almost 40 minors. Minors can complement your major, give you extra preparation for a career, or simply provide the chance to explore a topic that interests you. Think of Drexel's minors as ways to customize your degree. Check out the MEM minor.

Double Major Program

With careful planning, you can complete two undergraduate degrees keeping in mind that the double major option works best in closely related areas. For detailed information please contact the Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Advisors.

Four-year Program

Students may choose to participate in the 4-year program by reducing their co-op requirements. Please contact the Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Advisors for details.

Preparation for Professional or Graduate Studies

If you've decided to pursue a professional program (such as law, dentistry, medicine, or veterinary medicine) or graduate studies after you complete your bachelor's, you can take advantage of special support programs. Counseling will ensure that you complete the right mix of studies. And, through co-op, you can take advantage of opportunities to sample professional fields or gain research experience. Co-op is a valuable "plus" to include on a graduate school application!

BS/MS Dual Degree Program

It is an accelerated program providing the academically qualified student an opportunity to earn both a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in program areas of his/her choice in five years, the time normally required to finish a bachelor's degree alone. Because both degrees are completed in the time usually required for just the bachelor's degree, you can get both degrees for the cost of the undergraduate program alone. For more information visit the BS/MS page.