Student Profile on Jennifer Benhaim

Jennifer Benhaim

I chose to study math because I was good at it in high school and since I wanted to be an actuary, I felt it was important to understand the mathematical principles on which it was based.

I chose Drexel primarily for the co-op program, but also because I felt like the students here are of good quality and would be serious, and not just looking to party.

I am in a 5 year co-op program and for my co-ops I worked at Cigna Group Insurance pricing department to price insurance products with the rating tool and also in the underwriting department as a operations leader, team manager and programmer to automate all the processes. These co-op experiences solidified that I want to work with actuaries because I liked the competitive atmosphere amongst the at actuaries and actuarial students. I also like that actuaries utilize problem solving skills every day, and are asked to solve challenging problems that no one else in the organization has been able to solve.
"I really enjoy being a student in the math department. The faculty is great, and overall really willing to help and support their students."

The administration listens to the students, and really tries to pay attention to the students' needs. For example, Because there is an increasing number of students in the department who want to be actuaries, the department is slowly offering more prep courses for the actuary exams.