Math Department Welcomes Three New Members

January 9, 2012 — The Department of Mathematics warmly welcomes three new members this term: David Koslicki (Postdoc), Yang Liu (Assistant Research Professor) and David Scheinker (Visiting Assistant Professor).

David Koslicki


Education: Ph.D. Mathematics, Pennsylvania State University

Research Interests: Mathematical - Martin boundaries, countable state Markov chains, potential theory, symbolic dynamics.

Biological - Alignment-free analysis of next generation sequencing data, entropy techniques, models of molecular evolution, characterizing epigenetic variation.

Yang LiuYang Liu

Assistant Research Professor

Education: Ph.D. Mathematics, University of Minnesota

Biography: Yang Liu received his Ph.D. in 2011 from the University of Minnesota, under the supervision of Prof. Yoichiro Mori. After graduation he joined Drexel University as a research assistant professor.

David ScheinkerDavid Scheinker

Visiting Assistant Professor

Education: Ph.D. Mathematics, University of California San Diego

Research Interests: Functional analysis and its application to the study of functions of several complex variables.