Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mathematics

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics has a depth requirement in mathematics and provides a strong general mathematics background while still allowing students to create a program tailored to their interests. This is extremely useful for students pursuing careers in teaching or in the actuarial profession, for example. Because the BA program has more free electives available, students who are interested in another field of study can use those to pursue a second major.

The BA degree requires fewer mathematics courses and gives students some flexibility in choosing which math courses to take. Students are required to take only two quarters of science, but are required to take additional courses in fields related to math. These additional courses can come from areas as diverse as science, economics, finance, computer science, and engineering and will be chosen according to student interests.

Degree Requirements

Bachelor of Arts Degree: 180.0 credits

Recommended Plan of Study

Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics: Five Year, 3 Co-op (PDF)
Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics: Four Year, 1 Co-op (PDF)
Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics: Four Year, No Co-op (PDF)