Candidacy Exam

The PhD candidacy examination must attempted for the first time by the end of the second year of study. The examination will have a form of an oral presentation followed by a question period during which only the committee will be present. The PhD Candidate will prepare a written report corresponding to the presentation, and distribute hard copies to the members of the committee no later than 10 days prior to the exam.

The purpose of the oral section of the exam is to present the objectives and merits of the student's proposed research project and to demonstrate his/her knowledge of the methods and techniques used in the general area of the proposed research. The purpose of written part is to familiarize students with the methods of scientific writing.

This examination will be scheduled individually and is supervised by the PhD Candidacy Committee. The university regulations specify composition of this committee as well as procedures for this examination and re-examination. They currently mandate that the PhD Candidacy Examination take place after successful completion of at least one year of graduate work at Drexel, and prior to the end of the second year of doctoral study.