How is the Lindy Center related to UNIV 101?

The Lindy Center for Civic Engagement administers student placements in the civic engagement projects that are required of all students. The Lindy Center also plans and executes events, such as speakers, for all UNIV 101 students.

How many hours of Civic Engagement are required?

At a minimum, 5 hours are required. However, being engaged in the community requires you to think differently about your contribution to society as a whole. Thinking in terms of hours diminishes the value of the project for both you and the organization you are serving. The best placements will likely expect you to serve on a weekly basis, for an hour or two, for several months. Some placements are one-day events, which also fulfill your requirement. Some placements are short in time span, such as a shift at a food bank or dinner in a soup kitchen.

Are there any exceptions to the 5 hour minimum?

Yes. If you choose to complete a one-time project, such as a neighborhood tree planting that lasts 4-5 hours, you have met the expectations for the civic engagement project. Full participation in these one-time projects is required for full credit.

Do I need to complete 5 hours all at once?

No. You can divide up the civic engagement project into shifts or even split your time between different projects. For example, you could serve for 3 hours at a soup kitchen and then spend another few hours tutoring children. While we encourage you to go above and beyond the 5 hour minimum, you do at least need to meet the minimum requirement.

What type of organization can I volunteer at?

In order to earn credit for the Civic Engagement project, you must be serving with a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Volunteering with a for-profit business, helping a family member, or working for a Drexel University group such as the police force, theater, or in your professor’s lab does not count towards your Civic Engagement requirement.

Can I volunteer with a religious organization?

Yes, as long as you are not actively engaged in sharing the word of your God. For example, you can volunteer to serve food at a soup kitchen run by a church or you could participate in Habitat for Humanity through a religious youth group. However, any type of “active proselytizing”, such as teaching Sunday school or distributing religious literature will not count towards your civic engagement requirement.

What if I don’t like the projects you have listed on your website?

We encourage you to explore your own interests and create your own project. But all projects must be pre-approved by the Lindy Center for Civic Engagement to ensure that the project is appropriate. You must submit the project request to the Lindy Center a minimum of two weeks prior to the end of the term for pre-approval. Make use of the Self-Designed Project Form to make this request.

When is it due?

Each college and school has its own schedule for UNIV 101 so please check with your instructor. We urge you to not wait until it is due, as placements fill up fast and we want to ensure you are able to complete UNIV 101.

Who do I contact if I have any questions?

Jennifer Johnson
Assistant Director, The Lindy Center for Civic Engagement