University 101

UNIV 101 is a mandatory course designed to maximize a student's potential to succeed in the classroom while also managing the many challenges presented in college and professional life. Although each college/school determines most of the course content, there are several core elements that will enable the University to achieve the learning outcomes for UNIV 101. One of these topics is Civic Engagement.

During your UNIV 101 course, a representative from the CCE will visit your class to share information about the First-Year Civic Engagement Project which is part of the curriculum of UNIV 101. The Civic Engagement project is a first-year student’s formal introduction to community-based experiential learning, a core value of a Drexel University education. The project will provide an opportunity for first-year students to volunteer with one of Drexel’s community partners or another nonprofit organization of their choosing, while gaining a broader understanding of the community that they now are a member of.

To help facilitate this project, the Center for Civic Engagement maintains partnerships with many community organizations that provide volunteer placements for Drexel students. These opportunities can be found in our Service Database.

Alternatively, students who wish to complete their Civic Engagement project at organization of their choosing should make use of the Student Self Designed Project Form PDF File. Please remember, all self-designed projects must be approved by the CCE in advance.

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