High School Mentoring Programs

Drexel University partners with several Philadelphia high schools to increase the college-going rate of Philadelphians. Through these partnerships, Drexel is helping local high school students discover their interests and develop plans for college and beyond. In addition, Drexel students are helping Philadelphia high school students with PSAT, SAT, and ACT prep; scholarship applications; and senior projects.

If you are interested in college access, working with high school-aged youth, or applying your skills to a real-world experience in Drexel’s neighborhood, contact Tom Dahan at tad42@drexel.edu.

College Access Fellows Program

The cornerstone of the high school mentoring program is the College Access Fellows program. The Lindy Center has partnered with Pennsylvania Campus Compact to start the College Access Fellows program. In addition, we received additional leadership positions from the Philly Goes 2 College, a Philadelphia Mayor’s Office of Education initiative.

The College Access Fellows program is an AmeriCorps-supported leadership opportunity designed to give Drexel students the opportunity to make a measureable impact on the college and career exploration of Philadelphia high school youth. Each member participates as decision-maker in the planning, delivery and/or assessment of the college access programs operating at the participating high schools. In addition, these leaders are recruiting and supporting other volunteers and mentors in the high school mentoring program.

In 2010-2011, this program inducted 8 members into the inaugural cohort. To learn more about this leadership opportunity and how you can get involved, contact Tom Dahan at tad42@drexel.edu.