Lindy Scholar Advisors

Lindy Scholars ProgramThrough the generosity of the “Philip B.Lindy Inner-City Public School Program” or Lindy Scholars Program, Drexel University aims to level the playing field in public education by increasing academic achievement and expanding the social horizons for middle school students living in Drexel’s west Philadelphia vicinity. The program encourages children and families to share in, and benefit from, the University’s vast educational, technological, and cultural resources. Each year, 75 middle school students in West Philadelphia are admitted to the program as Lindy Scholars and are assigned a Lindy Scholar Advisor. These Advisors are Drexel students who serve as both mentor and tutor for the middle school students.

On average, Lindy Advisors serve an average of 6 hours a week in the following ways:

  • Mentoring from 10am-3pm on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month. Along with other Drexel students and their Scholars, Advisors spend the day on Drexel’s campus engaging in planned activities that focus on mentoring activities such as leadership development, team-building, diversity, conflict resolution, and academic skills building. Afternoons are reserved for fun, interactive activities run by Drexel student organizations, field-trips or special events.
  • Tutoring. Lindy Advisors tutor their Scholars twice a week at their Scholars’ elementary school from approximately 3:15-4:45 PM. Advisors utilize techniques and methods learned through their on-going training and support through the PSLI and an online course through the School of Education. Through their involvement, Lindy Advisors have the opportunity to sit down with their Scholars to help them improve their math and literacy skills – thereby preparing them for successful high school and post-secondary experiences.

Benefits for this program may include:

  • Ongoing training and development to improve your skills as a mentor and tutor
  • Gaining real-world experiences through transformative and meaningful service opportunities
  • Building new & life-long relationships
  • Financial support up to $500 upon completion of period of service or eligible students can apply their Federal Work Study (FWS) funds toward their position as Advisors
  • Up to three elective course credits through the School of Education for training through online courses

For much more information, visit the Lindy Scholars Program page!