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Sonika Aggarwal
Our Mother of Sorrows & St. Ignatius Schools

Sonika Aggarwal
Hi! My name is Sonika Aggarwal and I am the DCS site leader for Our Mother of Sorrows (OMS). I am a Junior Psychology major and this is my 2nd year working as a DCS. 

Our Mother of Sorrows is a local West Philadelphia middle school, located at 47th and Lancaster, about 15 minutes from Drexel University via trolley. Volunteers are needed to tutor students from 4th-8th grade with upcoming math homework, tests, etc. Drexel students are able to tutor from Monday-Thursday from 3pm-4:30pm. I go on Mondays! We’re constantly trying to expand our involvement and have recently created a chess club for students! 

If you’re interested or even want more information please feel free to email me at Our facebook page is