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Jeff Pu
Urban Tree Connection

Jeff Pu

Ge Pu, also known as Jeff Pu comes from China and this is his third year both at Drexel U and in the States. His major is environmental engineering. He was a student representative for college of engineering from 2008-2009, is currently a volunteer at the American Red Cross SEPA Chapter ever since 2008, a trail monitor volunteer for the National Park Services, a trip leader for the weekend warriors and a proud member of the DCS community since 2009. He is crazy about outdoor and environmental related activities, currently Jeff is playing in a small softball league. Also, Jeff is doing a project to monitor green roof technology in western Philly since 2009 and he is the team leader for this research group. He loves helping people even when it gets in his way and this was part of the reason why he joined DCS and volunteered at so many different sites.

Urban Tree Connections is to assist urban, low-income communities to revitalize their neighborhoods by transforming abandoned open spaces into safe and functional places that inspire and promote positive human interaction. "We build community one vacant lot at a time". Their main garden is located at 608 North 53rd Street, this lot is essentially the production HQ for UTC.

Join Jeff, our Drexel Community Scholar, every Saturday from 10am to 2pm to work at the main garden. Learn about urban farming, environmental preservation, guiding and caring youth groups and Community Supported Agriculture.