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Steffanie Altman
Summer/Winter Garden

Student Profile
Hey guys, I'm Steff and I am the DCS for the Summer Winter Community Garden. I am a 4th year Junior studying International Area Studies, focusing on Justice and Human Rights in both Latin America and the Middle East (and right here at home!). I speak Spanish, and a bit of Hebrew. I am minoring in World History and Politics, Women's Studies, and hopefully Spanish. I studied abroad three times (Costa Rica, Spain, and Israel) but I'm happy to be back in Philly for a while! 

I chose to work in the summer winter garden for a few reasons. First, I think this garden gives the community a common ground, a place for team work. If we can bring the Philadelphia community together with the Drexel community we can work towards a better environment for West Philadelphia. I also believe a local food supply can help the community be healthier and save money in this economic crisis. Loca-vore eating is the most economic way to get a healthy diet, and having a produce garden allows people to eat better. I would LOVE to see Philly become more green and even begin roof-top gardening. I am also interested in this placement because I enjoy working outside with my hands. The work needed varies greatly, from weeding and planting to building new tool sheds to creating water retention systems and solar panels. The schedule also varies, which hopefully allows for everyone to participate at one time or another (although regular volunteers are encouraged too!!!!) 
For more information about serving here, you can reach me at