Roles and Responsibilites for Partnerships with the CCE

Community Partner
  • Orient students to their service activities, organization mission and goals
  • Provide work that is applicable to the student's education and their personal development
  • Supervise activities and provide feedback regarding student work to the Lindy Center
  • Ensure a safe work environment
  • Help promote student learning about public service and your role in the community
  • Complete annual Community Partner Inventory and Community Partner Survey
Center for Civic Engagement
  • Create listings to promote opportunities of your organization
  • Provide basic orientation to students about opportunities available and provide preliminaryinformation about your expectations
  • Facilitate conversations between faculty of the university and potential partners
  • Determine capacity and need for Drexel Community Scholar, train and prepare DCS forplacement
  • Maintain communication between community partners, faculty and others (includingstudents)
  • Provide opportunities for partners to speak on issues of public concern.
 Drexel Students
  • Conduct themselves as representatives of Drexel University
  • Be prompt, and respectful of the organization, its clients (and their confidentiality), and their supervisor(s).
  • Contact your organization with a reasonable timeline to participate with your organization andcommunicate expectations for scheduling.
  • Fulfill all agreed upon duties and responsibilities at the community site; failure to do soshould be reported and disciplinary action will be taken.