Partnering with Faculty

We want you to gain access to the most valuable resources that this university offers: the World Class Drexel Faculty.

Partnering with a faculty member opens up opportunities for your organization in a variety of ways:

When faculty invest time in developing on-going, reciprocal relationships with one or more community partner organizations, they are often involved in the work of the agency themselves.

These partnerships require more time of the faculty member, but can lead to a fruitful partnership where your defined needs match with the research interests of a faculty member. Community-based research is time-intensive, participatory process where there are clear benefits to all partners involved

When faculty get their students involved in the partnership, students better understand the links between the service and the curriculum and are better prepared to provide something of value to the community, and to learn from and with the community.

We can best link you with a faculty member if you complete our community partner inventory.