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Summer 2014 Course Offerings

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Contract Drafting - LAW 884S 001
This course focuses on the issues and principles of drafting transactional (non-litigation) documents, such as contracts, wills and legislation. Students will complete a number of drafting assignments in and out of class. This course will include the use of form books with particular emphasis on customization of documents to a particular client's needs.

Instructor: Friedman
Day(s): T R
Times: 3:00 - 4:40
Room: 250
Contracts - LAW 552S 001
This course examines the enforcement of promises and bargains. Topics include contract formation, the doctrine of consideration, formalities including the Statute of Frauds and the parol evidence rule, performance and breach, defenses, remedies.

Instructor: Korobkin
Day(s): M W R
Times: 2:00 - 3:35
Room: 240
Criminal Law - LAW 558S 001
This course examines the principles that underlie liability for criminal conduct. Topics include the definition of crimes and the principles of punishment, the required acts and mental states necessary for liability, and defenses to and justifications for conduct. Specific crimes will be discussed including conspiracy and intentional murder and manslaughter.

Instructor: Benforado
Day(s): M T R
Times: 9:15 - 10:50
Room: 240
Evidence - LAW 634S 001
This course studies the law governing proof of disputed factual matters in criminal and civil trials, including issues of relevancy, competency, hearsay, and other exclusionary rules, and the privilege of witnesses.

Instructor: Oates
Day(s): T W R
Times: 12:15 - 2:45
Room: 140
Improvisation for Lawyers - LAW 890S 001
In this intensive course, students will hone their legal performance skills by studying improvisational theater techniques. The course will involve extensive hands-on performance. Grading is Credit/No Credit.

Instructor: Geller
Day(s): T
Times: 5:30 - 7:10
Room: 114
Lawyering Practice Seminar - LAW 654S 001
This seminar focuses on learning from experiences, both in the co-op and in later professional practice. Students will study the roles being played by lawyers and the institutions where lawyers work. They will discuss their fieldwork experiences, make formal class presentations, and listen to practicing attorneys. Enrollment is by permission only.

Instructor: TBD
Co-Requisite: LAW 931S - Co-op, LAW 933S - Co-op Intensive, LAW 934S - Summer Co-op
Day(s): T
Times: 4:30 - 7:45
Room: 420
Legal Methods I - LAW 565S 001
This course provides instruction in the fundamentals of predictive writing and legal research, including LEXIS and Westlaw training.

Instructor: Seligmann
Day(s): T R
Times: 2:00 - 3:45 (T); 11:00 - 12:45 (R)
Room: 440
Litigation Drafting - LAW 882S 001
This course explores technical and strategic issues in the drafting of litigation documents such as complaints, answers, written discovery, motions, affidavits, discovery schedules, pretrial orders, jury instructions, releases and correspondence. Students will complete a number of drafting assignments in and out of class.

Instructor: Coleman
Pennsylvania Legal Research - LAW 874S 941
In this course, students will become familiar with Pennsylvania primary resources (including cases, statutes, regulations, court rules, etc.) and Pennsylvania secondary legal resources (including practice guides, treatises, and CLE materials.) The class will cover all available resources, including print resources, free electronic resources, and subscription database resources. Grading is Credit/No Credit.

Instructor: Bernstein/Cannan
Pre-Requisite: LAW 565S - Legal Methods I, LAW 566S - Legal Methods II
Day(s): Online
Times: Online
Room: Online
Pretrial Advocacy - LAW 900S 001
This course is designed for students with an interest in litigation. Students will learn the major steps in the pretrial litigation process including theory development, client interviewing, informal fact investigation, pleading, discovery, depositions, pretrial motions, jury selection, and the settlement process.

Professional Responsibility - LAW 830S 941
This course will examine the ethical duties of lawyers toward clients, courts, and society. The course emphasizes the Model Rules of Professional Conduct, the Model Code of Professional Responsibility, and relevant case law. Topics covered include confidentiality, conflicts of interest, competence, fee arrangements, and the unauthorized practice of law.

Instructor: Montemarano
Day(s): Online
Times: Online
Room: Online
Summer Co-op - LAW 934S 001
The Co-op is a field placement in a corporation, law firm, judicial office, public interest organization, or government agency. Students must attend a pre-placement orientation and will work 35-40 hours per week and satisfy the supervisor's expectations. Grading is Credit/No Credit.

Instructor: STAFF
Co-Requisite: LAW 654S - Lawyering Practice Seminar
Day(s): TBD
Times: TBD
Room: TBD
Torts - LAW 550S 001
This course examines the general theories of civil liability for injuries to persons or property. Topics include liability for intentional misconduct, an introduction to the law of negligence, and a strict liability as well as defenses to claims of tort liability.

Instructor: Haas
Day(s): T W F
Times: 11:00 - 12:35 (T,W); 10:00 - 11:35 (F)
Room: 240