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Digital Cable & XFINITY On Campus™ Streaming TV

Residents of University Housing (Calhoun, Caneris, Kelly, Millennium, Myers, North, Race Street, Stiles, Tower and Van Rensselaer) have two options for viewing live television content as outlined below.

Free Live Streaming Television for all Residence Hall Students

XFINITY On Campus™ is Comcast's innovative new service that allows all residence hall students to view live high-definition television on their computer (Mac and Windows) and mobile devices (iOS and Android / phones and tablets) when connected anywhere on the campus wired or wireless network.  You no longer need to be plugged-in using coax cable to watch live television.  There are no fees or complex registration steps, just click the link below to learn how start streaming to your device.  

Premium channels such as HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Starz, The Movie Channel, and sport packages including NFL Redzone and ESPN Goal Line are available as an optional upgrade, purchased on-line on a monthly subscription basis. 

XFINITY On Campus™  

Once you launch the streaming player on your device, an on-line guide will help you navigate over 200 channels of standard and high definition live TV channels along with a rich set of free on-demand programming. A shopping cart allows you to purchase optional premium channel upgrades.

Digital "Wired" Cable TV in your Residence Hall Room

If you're not using XFINITY On Campus to stream live television to your computer or mobile device, you can still watch the old fashion way, by connecting your TV to the cable network.  The residence halls are equipped with digital cable TV, providing nearly 100 high definition channels in all residence hall rooms.  The cable service is active and does not require sign-up, activation, or use of a cable box.  Your TV or DVR must be able to accept a coax cable input and be equipped with a clear QAM digital tuner.  In simple terms, your TV must be able to receive clear (unencrypted) cable TV channels from a cable provider without use of a cable box. Most brand name digital / flat screen televisions have been equipped to meet these requirements since the FCC mandated that all televisions support digital channels beginning in the year 2007.

How to Connect to the Digital Cable TV System

These instructions are offered as a generic guideline; refer to your TV's manual for specific instructions. Your TV must support a coax connection and a clear QAM digital TV tuner.  Most major brand televisions sold in the last 8 - 10 years meet this requirement. 

Connect your TV to the cable wall jack using a coaxial cable. If the TV has more than one input connector, select the one which is typically labelled  "CABLE IN",  "CATV", "ANTENNA", or sometimes "RF IN". 

  1. After connecting the coax cable to the wall jack, plug the TV power cord into an electrical outlet and turn the TV power on.
  2. Configure your TV INPUT selector to match the input listed in #1 above. This option is usually accessed through a MENU or SETUP option on the TV or the remote control.
  3. When tuning to digital TV channels remember to enter the channel number and "-1" (dash one).  For example "10-1".  
  4. In order to use the up/down feature of your TV or  remote control, you need to have your TV locate and memorize the digital channels.  Use the AUTOPROGRAM or AUTOSCAN function of your TV to do this. Depending on your TV, this scan may take up to 30 minutes. This feature is usually found using your TV's SETUP or MENU option.  Consult your TV's user manual for instruction on how to do this.  If you don't have the manual, you can usually find it on-line, try to google your TV manufacturer's name and model number, along with "user guide" or "manual". 

Available TV Channels in the Drexel Residence Halls

View the Channel Listing

All ten residence halls (Calhoun, Caneris, Kelly, Millennium, Myers, North, Race Street, Stiles, Tower and Van Rensselaer)  have the same digital TV channel line-up. Nearly 100 channels are available, most in high definition.

How to tell if your TV has the proper Clear QAM Digital TV Tuner?

Most major brand flat screen TVs support both ATSC and QAM digital tuners.  ATSC is used to receive digital channels over the air.  QAM is used to receive digital channels from a cabe tv provider without use of a cable box.  In fact,  QAM tuning is so common that many TV manufacturer's don't specifically reference the term QAM by name in their specifications.  However, there are some low-end digital televisions that may support ATSC and not QAM tuning, and thus will not operate in the residence halls. 

The best way to check if your digital TV's tuner is clear QAM capable, is to connect your TV and use your remote control to manually tune to a few digital channels.  For example, enter "9" "-" "1" (nine, dash, one) and  press "enter" if necessary.  If you don't see a picture (i.e. NBC), try a few more channels.  If you can't tune any channels, your TV may not include a clear QAM digital tuner. 

QAM tuners can be purchaed between $30 and $150 from electronic stores and on-line suppliers like Amazon. Case Western Reserve University maintains a detailed site documenting digital television and QAM capable tuners.