Partnerships & Exchanges

Drexel's Office of International Programs (OIP) brings leadership, strategic coordination, and institutional structure to the global dimension of Drexel University. To meet global challenges, we must create an eco-system that extends across our campus and community and beyond our national borders, linking us to other global stakeholders in knowledge creation and problem solving. Key to the Eco-system of Global Drexel is the establishment of partnerships for research and education. These partnerships include dual degree programs, such as our Dual PhD in Biomedical Engineering and Translational Research with Shanghai Jiao Tong University and our Dual Master in Environmental Engineering with Peking University Graduate School for Energy and Environment in Shenzhen, as well as undergraduate exchange programs and service learning opportunities.

We are pleased to work with partners across the university to continue building mutually beneficial and sustainable international partnerships with selected universities and research institutions leveraging faculty expertise, alumni connections, and reputation. Please see the links at the right for more information about our Existing Partners and how to develop New Partnerships.

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