Food Science Grad Student Trip to Osnabreuck, Germany

From July 8th through 20th, three graduate students studying Food Science traveled to Osnabreuck, Germany with Dr. Jeehuyn Lee to participate in a summer lab program run by the Hochschule Osnabrück's Faculty of Agricultural Sciences & Landscape Architecture and the German Institute of Food Technologies. A total of 13 students from around the world as well as 15 German students worked together during the program, which focused on "Special Food Technologies."

During the program, activities ranged from manufacturing sausages to attending lectures by food professionals to visiting Cologne's Chocolate Museum! Additionally, students had a taste of cultures around the world as the program held an international cooking day in which the program's German and international students exchanged recipes from home and prepared them together. The program culminated in participants presenting what they had worked on, divided into four groups—Chocolate, Ice Cream, Meat, and Bakery Products.

Hochschule Osnabrück is one of Drexel's UAS7 partners, and hopes to continue collaborations in the future.